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Selected Research Highlights

Concerto Cloud Services Customer Review

4/5 Stars

Please describe what is working well with your Service Delivery Manager.

Regular calls is working well.

Please describe any additional feedback that would improve your experience working with your Service Delivery Manager.

So far so good. I spoke regularly with Beth before and she was always very helpful & diligent.

Concerto Cloud Services Customer Satisfaction Rating

A Controller at a medium enterprise health care company would be very likely to recommend Concerto Cloud Services for this reason:

Their service has been reliable. Haven’t had down time.

Top reasons for choosing Concerto Cloud Services

What were the top reasons for choosing to deploy your applications in our cloud?

Support business growth expectations
Reduce costs
Recommended/Trusted by Application Partner
Support higher uptime SLAs
Consolidate servers
Secure sensitive data
Consolidate storage
Meet a compressing backup window
Meet compliance regulations

Concerto Cloud Services Case Study

Cmc Group, Inc.


This case study of CMC Group, Inc. is based on a July 2016 survey of Concerto Cloud Services customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We receive constant engagement from account executives and Concerto is on top of our needs.”


  • Deployed their applications in Concerto Cloud for the following reasons:
    • Meet compliance regulations
    • Support business growth expectations
    • Support higher uptime SLAs
    • Improve their Disaster Recovery capabilities

Use Case

  • Current primary use of the Concerto Cloud platform:
    • Mission critical applications (CRM or ERP)


  • Operational benefits realized as a result of deploying applications in Concerto Cloud:
    • Reduced capital costs
    • Improved overall system uptime

Concerto Cloud Services Customer Research

Top Drivers for Choosing the Cloud

What were the top reasons for choosing to deploy your applications in our cloud?

Support business growth expectations
Disaster Recovery capabilities
Secure sensitive data
Support higher uptime SLAs
Reduce costs
Meet compliance regulations

Concerto Cloud Case Study

SBS Group


This case study of SBS Group is based on an August 2016 survey of Concerto Cloud customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Concerto is an organization like no other. Concerto has provided a reliable cloud environment for our customers. The amount of time they spend with my team on education and client meetings is amazing. Some days I think they actually are employees of my organization. There is not another cloud provider that is providing these services with the level of customer satisfaction and knowledge.”


  • Moving advanced and complex application workloads to the cloud required outsourced technical expertise which drove up costs
  • Having trouble finding a solution which could meet all my compliance, security and/or uptime needs
  • Not having a trusted cloud provider to help close and implement opportunities
  • Other cloud providers’ fluctuating monthly rates did not allow consistent pricing for customers

Use Case

Our IP and applications are “Powered by Concerto”
Mission-critical applications

  • Web-based Applications
  • Pre-production and/or testing


  • Gained a “premium is standard” approach
  • Excellent and reliable technical support
  • Best in class compliance and security capabilities
  • Simple, consistent, and predictable billing
  • Gained a trusted advisor and cloud partner for our company and customers’ needs
  • Faster project execution
  • Increased focus on customers and decreased time on managing the infrastructure
  • Improved uptime ( < 10 minutes of downtime in the past year)
  • Budgetary improvements for customers
  • Increased customer retention

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