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Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: Large Enterprise Retail Company


This case study of a large enterprise retail company is based on a January 2012 survey of Commvault® Simpana® software customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“We were able to backup Windows, Unix and MAC servers under one pane with CommVault. We were also able to take advantage of agents like Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, Oracle, My SQL and Active Directory.”


  • Data under management has grown by 100+% since the initial deployment of CommVault® Simpana® software.
  • Addressed the following operational/business challenges by deploying their CommVault® software solution:
    • Improved uptime / access to data
    • Improved disaster recovery
    • Met scalability needs
    • Reduced complexity

Use Case

  • Uses the following CommVault® Simpana® features:
    • Backup/Recovery
  • Protects the following with CommVault® Simpana® software:
    • Terabytes of data (TBs): 101-500
    • Number of Physical Servers: 101-500
    • Number of Virtual Servers: 101-500


  • Saw a 76% to 100% ROI for hardware, software, support and personnel costs over a 3 year period.
  • Recouped their investment in CommVault software in 13-18 months.
  • Recovers data 40% faster since deploying CommVault® Simpana® software.
  • Reduced data management costs since deploying CommVault® Simpana® software:
    • Server and network costs: 19% or less
    • Storage hardware & tape media costs: 19% or less
    • Software maintenance costs: 19% or less
    • Total data management costs: 19% or less

Protection of Data in Public Cloud

How are you currently protecting your data in the public cloud?

CommVault Simpana software
Geographic replication for copies
Custom scripts
No specific data protection product or activities

Case Study: Sce Federal Credit Union


This case study of SCE Federal Credit Union is based on a July 2015 survey of Commvault® Software customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“By implementing Commvault it has been quick to get data.”


  • Addressed the following operational and/or business challenges by deploying their Commvault software solution:
    • Reduced IT infrastructure/storage costs
    • Delivered better access to information
    • Improved management efficiencies
    • Backups

Use Case

  • Uses Commvault Archiving for the following:
    • Files
    • Email
    • SQL
  • Their legal/compliance team is using the self-service compliance search capabilities within Commvault software.


  • Realized an ROI of 101 – 200% after implementing Commvault over a 3 year period considering hardware, software, support, personnel and other related costs.
  • Estimates that workforce productivity increased by 51%-75% through faster access to data, self-service recovery, or integrated legal/compliance search since deploying Commvault software.

Commvault® Cloud Data Protection Customer Testimonial

Hard to say, but I would say flexibility.

IT Specialist, Large Enterprise Computer Services Company

Commvault® Cloud Data Protection Customer Testimonial

Versatility to configure the backups how we want them protected.

Engineer, Small Business Construction Company

Users Recognize the Value of CommVault Simpana software

Please select the top ways CommVault® Simpana® software is differentiated in the market.

Technical capabilities
Ability to deliver better efficiency in managing my data
Single platform software solution provides flexibility for meeting future needs
Ability to meet or beat my data protection reliability and service level requirements
Ability to reduce overall data management costs
Ability to reduce data management complexity
Solution cost versus other options
Ability to provide greater visibility into data across the enterprise

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