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Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: Small Business Computer Software Company


This case study of a small business computer software company is based on a January 2012 survey of Commvault® Simpana® software customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Going from 7 versions of backup software to 1 version with CommVault with Central management was our biggest gain for using CommVault. We were also able to eliminate tapes.”


  • Data under management has grown by 11 to 25% since the initial deployment of CommVault® Simpana® software.
  • Addressed the following operational/business challenges by deploying their CommVault® software solution:
    • Improved the efficiency of a business processes
    • Reduced IT infrastructure costs
    • Reduced storage costs
    • Improved uptime / access to data
    • Achieved better performance
    • Improved protection for critical data
    • Met scalability needs

Use Case

  • Uses the following CommVault® Simpana® features:
    • Deduplication
    • Replication (CDR, DDR or DASH Copy)
    • SRM/Reporting
  • Protects the following with CommVault® Simpana® software:
    • Terabytes of data (TBs): 51-100
    • Number of Physical Servers: 101-500
    • Number of Virtual Servers: 51-100


  • Saw a 26% to 50% ROI for hardware, software, support and personnel costs over a 3 year period.
  • Recouped their investment in CommVault software in 19-24 months.
  • Recovers data 35% faster since deploying CommVault® Simpana® software.
  • Reduced data management costs since deploying CommVault® Simpana® software:
    • Server and network costs: 20 to 39%
    • Storage hardware & tape media costs: 40 to 59%
    • Headcount / Personnel costs: 20 to 39%
    • Software maintenance costs: 20 to 39%
    • Total data management costs: 20 to 39%

Commvault® Software Customer Testimonial

How is Commvault data protection helping your organization through the global pandemic?

Commvault is a great tool and has great support, in the current global pandamic we are getting uninterrupted support from Commvault.

Sayeed Ahmed, Application Manager, Nasser Bin Khaled

Case Study: Horizon Beverage


This case study of Horizon Beverage is based on a June 2015 survey of Commvault® Professional Services customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Being able to rely on them to do the project when our in house IT resources are so strained for time. They did it quickly and easily and made sound recommendations.”


  • Solved the following challenges with Commvault Professional Services:
    • Improved overall data management architecture design
    • Upgrade
  • Considered the following professional services alternatives before selecting Commvault:
    • In-house resources
    • VAR/solution resellers

Use Case

  • Recently engaged Commvault Professional Services in the Americas (North/ South America).
  • Manages 26- 50 TB in their Commvault environment.
  • Addressed the following CommVault solution areas during their CommVault Professional Services engagement:
    • Disaster Recovery
    • VM Protection
    • Backup and Recovery
    • Archive
  • Addressed the following applications, databases, and file systems during their Commvault Professional Services engagement:
    • File systems
    • Microsoft apps and email apps (Active Directory, SharePoint, Exchange, Notes)
    • Virtualization apps (VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer)
    • NAS
    • Databases (Oracle, SAP, DB2, SQL, etc.)


  • Rated the following Commvault Professional Services attributes in terms of how they met expectations:
    • Value of Outcome- exceeded expectations
    • Quality of Delivery- exceeded expectations
    • Consultant Capabilities- exceeded expectations
    • Managing to Schedule- exceeded expectations
    • Cost of Delivery- exceeded expectations
  • Strongly agrees that Commvault Professional Services was a valuable investment of company resources.
  • Strongly agrees that Commvault Professional Services helped their organization succeed.

Commvault® Software Customer Testimonial

How do Commvault cloud data management capabilities help your customers?

Insight into data, plus scalability, availability and security.

Brand Manager, Small Business Security Products & Services Company

Commvault® Software Customer Research

Which, if any, of these applications, are you planning on deploying in the next 12 months:


CommVault Training has a Positive Impact

When asked “What impact did your CommVault training have on your ability to be successful in your job?,” a full 90% of those responding felt that the training had a Positive – or better – impact on their ability to be successful in their job.

Extremely positive: 17%
Very positive: 36%
Positive: 37%
No apparent impact: 8%
Other: 2%

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