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Selected Research Highlights

Citrix Services Customer Research

Since taking training I have noticed:

An increase in usage of product features and functions by end-users
An increase in end-user satisfaction
A decrease in the number of escalations from any end-users or customers that I support
An increase in product usage by end-users

Case Study: Medium Enterprise Automotive & Transport Company


This case study of a medium enterprise automotive & transport company is based on a August 2014 survey of Citrix Support customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.


  • Has solved the following challenges by using Citrix Support:
    • Solve issues efficiently and effectively

Use Case

  • Uses the following Citrix Support services:
    • Technical Relationship Management (TRM)
  • Has the following Citrix products:
    • XenApp
    • NetScaler


  • Rated their experience with Citrix Support as superior compared to other technical support experiences.
  • Rated the simplicity or ease of engaging and doing business with Citrix Support as superior.
  • Resolved issues at the same rate with Citrix Support compared to most other IT providers.
  • Rated Citrix Technical Relationship Management (TRM) Services as significantly better compared to similar offerings from IT Providers.

Citrix Services Customer Research

Results with CSS Priority – Health Care

As a result of our CSS Priority subscription, we have been able to:

Accelerate issue resolution through expert troubleshooting guidance with Priority Queue
Minimize downtime and expedite remediation for severity 1 issues with the assistance of Critical Situation Management and clearer insight of critical situations with a formal Root Cause Analysis
Continuously build and develop skills by enabling technical resources with latest product knowledge through eLearning
Optimize environment and mitigate risk of known supportability and security vulnerabilities and reduce costs with proactive insights and services from Environment Review and Quarterly Business Reviews

Citrix Education Customer Review

Increase knowledge and confidence with eLearning

4.5/5 Stars

How our organization uses Citrix Education:

All my employees have access to Citrix Education. Our company was an early adopter of the eLearning Subscription which helped us achieve greater knowledge and confidence.

Would you recommend Citrix Education?

Citrix Education is a great source for knowledge. Engineers (both senior and junior) and architects will find new skills for their portfolios.

Case Study: Teba Group Pty Ltd


This case study of TebaGroupPtyLtd is based on a June 2014 survey of Citrix Worldwide Consulting and Education customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“I have a much better understanding of Citrix products after taking a Citrix Education course.”


  • Attended a Citrix Education course:
    • To increase their knowledge of Citrix technology and become more effective
    • To prepare for a certification exam
    • To further their career
    • Because their employer requires they attend a Citrix Education course
    • To meet partner requirements

Use Case

  • Uses the following Citrix products:
    • XenApp
    • XenDesktop
    • NetScaler
    • XenMobile
    • CloudBridge


  • Saw a return on the time invested in Citrix Education in 0-3 months.
  • Attending a Citrix Education course resulted in the following:
    • Was able to resell more products to their customers
  • After attending a Citrix Education course:
    • Saw increased job satisfaction
    • Became more productive
  • became more effective after attending a Citrix Education course.
  • Experienced the following benefits as a result of Citrix Education courses:
    • Reduced implementation time
    • Reduced escalation calls to Citrix
    • Improved customer relationships
    • Increased uptime in their environment

Citrix Services Customer Testimonial

Citrix Services definitely helps to provide insight into the full feature sets of the various Citrix products.

IT Specialist, Federal Government Agency

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