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It’s much easier and safer to collaborate with remote staff using ShareFile.

Christi Powell, CEO, Falcon Financial of Oklahoma, LLC

Clients are able to be more proactive with us when sharing files on collaborative efforts. This makes the process far more efficient than it was in the past.

Senior Executive, Small Business Financial Services Company

ShareFile allows us to easily share documents with our clients while also remaining compliant.

Aaron Stern, Equity Trading Manager, Main Street Research LLC

With ShareFile, passwords are no longer needed and the time spent setting up files for transfer and retrieval is shortened.

Dan Diers, Business Professional, Ash & Parsont LLP

We don’t have to wait for snail mail or travel to retrieve large files from clients. We can do it easily over e-mail with ShareFile.

Facilities Manager, Small Business Financial Services Company

With ShareFile, we can transfer large files much quicker than we used to. It allows clients to get us data in easier to use formats and same day transfers as opposed to overnight packages.

Bob Dowell, Senior Executive, Interactive Mortgage Advisors, LLC

ShareFile has eliminated paper mailings for us.

Colleen Walsh, Business Professional, Walsh, Colleen CPA

ShareFile allows my clients to receive their documents securely and quickly.

Michael Morley, II Ea, President, Morley Consulting, LLC

I like that with ShareFile large files can be sent via e-mail and are also encrypted!

Nancy Rogers, Office Manager, Taylor, Roth & Company

I like the Outlook plug-in the most. It’s very easy to attach files to e-mails and the document retrieval interface is very user friendly – our elderly clients can now download and retrieve files.

Lucy Lam, Operations Manager, Fluent Wealth Partners

ShareFile is very easy for our clients to use when transferring very large files. Even non-tech savvy individuals find it easy to use.

Renee Caggiano, Firm Administrator, Hanson & Caggiano LLP

With ShareFile, sharing documents across the team, with our clients, and with other financial professionals is very easy.

Justine Lackey, CEO, Good Cents Bookkeeping, Inc.

The ability to have all my client documents in one place in addition to providing access to each is the biggest benefit of ShareFile to our firm.

Rod Ehrlich, President, Investor Fan

With ShareFile, we’ve eliminated over 60% of our paper reporting each quarter which equates a couple of cases of paper per year. This is very significant for our small company.

Aaron Stern, Equity Trading Manager, Main Street Research LLC

We need to transfer large data files monthly between ourselves and our clients. ShareFile has made the exchange of this data much easier.

Bob Dowell, Senior Executive, Interactive Mortgage Advisors, LLC

What we like most about ShareFile is its ease of use. I had to train 13 home office users and over 100 financial advisors to use ShareFile and haven’t had one complaint. The Sync and Desktop Widget tools make transferring files and sending links extremely easy. It also allows for our management team to be successful in their travels to our branches across the United States.

System Administrator, Small Business Financial Services Company

We use ShareFile for protecting client data. We love that it is easy to use.

Priestley Ford, Vice President, White Oak Financial Management, Inc.

ShareFile has increased our productivity and has enhanced our professional image with our clients.

Sandra Kemper, CPA, Sandra J. Kemper, CPA

ShareFile has greatly improved our security when transferring files with personal information.

IT Director, Small Business Financial Services Company

ShareFile provides great ease of use for our company and for our clients. It is a great way to share files. We are also very impressed with ShareFile’s customer service and tech support.

Susan Wain, Financial Analyst, Calder Associates

My partners here at the firm use ShareFile. We have attempted using other secure file transfer apps in the past and the process was either cumbersome and staff could not easily achieve the desired result or the process was too difficult for the client. My partners have adapted ShareFile and like it.

Woods Thomas, IT Director, Daniells Phillip Vaughan & Bock

I like that staff can use ShareFile without a lot of tech training. We are also fulfilling privacy and compliance needs at the same time.

Ardith Quarles, System Administrator, Gibson Capital Management

61% of surveyed Financial Services clients find ShareFile’s tracking and notifications to be most valuable.

Calder Associates finds ShareFile’s Sync, Tracking & Notifications, and Customizable Admin / User Settings to be most valuable.

61% of surveyed Financial Services clients find ShareFile’s Tracking & Notifications feature to be most valuable.

Gibson Capital Management has improved productivity by greater than 70% with ShareFile compared to their previous e-mail attachment and FTP solution.

Townsend Asset Management finds ShareFile’s customer care team to be excellent.

73% of surveyed Financial Services clients find large file transfer easier since using ShareFile.

79% of surveyed Financial Services clients find data security and compliance easier since using ShareFile.

53% of surveyed Financial Services clients use ShareFile from a mobile device to get work done when not close to their computer or desk.

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