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With ShareFile, we never have to worry about obtaining / sending large files or about security and sharing glitches.

Litigation Support Specialist, Small Business Professional Services Company

A Litigation Support Specialist of a Small Business Professional Services company is very likely to recommend ShareFile for the following reason:

ShareFile is a great system to use when receiving and sending documents. It is also very convenient.

It saves us time and money since we no longer have to waste time putting files on thumb drives / CDs. We can now just combine all of the files and send them with a link.

Attorney, Small Business Professional Services Company

An Attorney of a Small Business Professional Services Company is very likely to recommend ShareFile for the following reason:

ShareFile is easy to use. It looks like it is a part of our website and it is dependable.

ShareFile has streamlined our file sharing process significantly from the traditional in-house and outsourced FTP systems, with it being up 100% of the time. It has also dramatically decreased our cost on resources to maintain FTP or other file sharing / collaboration systems.

Stephen Cervantes, Vice President, Solis Constructors, Inc.

ShareFile saves on shipping and is quick and secure. Love it!

Ellis Anne Marie, Business Professional, Herrington Architects

ShareFile allows us to send links in large files to multiple firms without printing and distribution costs.

Tommy Uzick, Vice President, Mission Constructors, Inc.

[With ShareFile], we are spending less time getting files to bidders since we do not have to wait for the files to get uploaded to an FTP site.

Chris Morton, Senior Estimator, Howell Construction

We have been able to avoid sending large files through email, which has many limitations that ShareFile overcomes. Communication is much more secure for file transfers to and from clients. Everything is easy to perform, keep track of, and our efficiency has increased.

Earl Dillon, IT Director, J.R. Miller & Associates, Inc.

The price request process has been drastically improved in terms of time ($) and transparency for our customers.

Bert Cresens, Managing Director, Xenon 54

Lindus Construction has improved productivity by > 70% with ShareFile, compared to previous methods of file sharing.

[ShareFile has improved our productivity by] 100%.

Martin Carrizales, Records Manager, MET-CON, Inc.

Daniel Halpert, a CEO at Halpert Dental X-Ray, is very likely to recommend ShareFile for the following reason:

ShareFile is reliable, secure, and efficient. Great technical support on the rare occasion it is needed.

Nancy Laraia, a Graphic Artist at Quality Packaging, Inc., is very likely to recommend ShareFile for the following reason:

I have used many different file sharing systems and I have found ShareFile to be the easiest to use on both the sending and receiving ends.

The biggest benefit of ShareFile is the ease of use for both us and the end users. It allows for quick communication and feedback from clients and speeds the process along.

Stuart Ritchie, Commercial Operations Manager, OPG LTD

“RightSignature ensures that the information we are receiving from our field offices is accurate every day. We are able to increase the efficiency of onboarding new drivers and save time chasing missing documents.”

“We work with a lot of Canadian clients and having RightSignature saves the client from traveling across the border.”

“RightSignature has changed the way we do business. We used to email, fax, or mail documents; now it’s all online.”

“RightSignature allows our company to retrieve signed documents even when our business is closed and others are not, in different time zones, and without the delay of mail services.”

Citrix RightSignature Customer Statement

“RightSignature is the simplest way to get documents signed. Period. Before we had to do constant follow up by telephone, fax, sending letters and even driving documents to customers. The turn around time was on average a week and now the turn around time is minutes.”

“Instead of calling and emailing consistently for days on end to get a form filled out and signed correctly, RightSignature not only shows them what needs to be filled out but we can receive the proof form instantly.”

Catherine Kiggins, a HR Assistant at Gorham Printing, is very likely to recommend Citrix RightSignature for the following reason:

We work with a wide variety of customers and the ease of RightSignature is great! Our customers love it, and now we are able to receive signatures from all of our clients!

Jason Stoner, a Sales Professional at Cashback Corporation is very likely to recommend Citrix RightSignature for the following reason:

RightSignature makes getting secure documents signed and completed very efficiently.

4.5/5 Stars

In a sentence or two, please tell us about a time when RightSignature saved the day.

RightSignature gets my applications signed anytime – day, night, and weekends.

In a sentence or two, please describe how your process for getting signed documents has changed since you began using RightSignature.

I complete an application, hit send, the merchant signs, and it goes directly to underwriting for approval. It doesn’t get any simpler.

Gaco Western LLC is able to easily services remote clients, gets time-sensitive documents signed promptly, manage documents and records, and receive documents without mistakes using RightSignature.

Financial Freedom Mortgage LLC easily provides data security and compliance, and gets time-sensitive documents signed promptly with RightSignature.

Santa Fe Preparatory School saves > 5 hours per week with RightSignature.

Patriot Energy Group chose Citrix RightSignature to improve its professional image with clients and to get documents signed faster.

Capital City Millwork chose Citrix RightSignature to get documents signed faster.

Franklin Bank and Trust Co. chose Citrix RightSignature to save money over printing / shipping costs, reduce time spent on admin tasks, and get a paperless solution for signed documents.

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