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Cisco Tetration Customer Statistic

67% of surveyed customers report that Tetration effectively helped them implement workload security without disrupting their business.


Cisco Tetration Customer Statistic

83% of surveyed customers deployed between 1-5000 software agents in their environment.


Cisco Tetration Customer Testimonial

Tetration has made us more aware of assets on our network that we never knew we had. After working through iterations of our scope tree and utilizing the orchestrators within Tetration to pull vSphere tagging, we are able to clearly identify our applications. As all of our workloads have been clearly identified, we’re able to better isolate workloads with vulnerabilities and take action as needed.

Tetration has also assisted with our server procurement process by identifying servers that had been forgotten.

IT Systems Analyst, Large Enterprise Healthcare Company

Cisco Tetration Customer Testimonial

Before Tetration, we didn’t have the viability to correctly identify application dependency traffic in order to create segmentation policies. By using the Tetration tool we were able to gain that visibility and test the effectiveness of segmentation (enforcement) policies before applying the Host-based firewall policies via Tetration. We have applied this segmentation now to 20 of our 130 applications.

IT Architect, S&P 500 Aerospace & Defense Company

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