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Cisco Umbrella Customer Statistic

79% of respondents realized value from Cisco Umbrella in < 1 week or less.


Cisco Umbrella Customer Statistic

After deploying Umbrella, 85% of respondents saw value within < 1 week.

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

Umbrella is probably the highest value to dollar item in our security toolbox. From blocking initial infection vectors to preventing proliferation it has been a godsend.

Timothy Burger, IT Director, Bergen Community College

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

I really value the ease of setup and daily management. The management interface is very simple and easy to use; changes that we make apply very quickly to the global environment.

IT Architect, Large Enterprise Real Estate Company

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

The value we’ve seen from Umbrella is immeasurable. It stops ransomware attacks cold and has saved our clients real money.

Chief Information Officer, Small Business Computer Services Company

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

The cost of deploying Cisco Umbrella is almost free when compared to the value it delivers. I would never consider not being under the Cisco Umbrella.

Blaine Crawford, Director of IT, C.W. Driver, LLC

Cisco Umbrella Customer Statistic

After deploying Umbrella, over half of respondents saw value in less than 1 day.

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

In my opinion, the best thing about Umbrella is the ease of deployment and the comprehensive protection it provides at all levels: DNS, Web, and all traffic via the Umbrella VPN service. And all of that protection is easily displayed in the reporting to show value and effectiveness to higher levels within the organization.

Senior IT Director, Small Business Hospitality Company

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

The real value for us with Umbrella is the ability to protect computers not on the VPN and being able to move to an IWAN with DIA architecture and still provide the same level of security without costly and expensive additional firewalls at every single site.

IT Architect, Medium Enterprise Automotive & Transport Company

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

The value from Umbrella has come from the visibility into what is going on. We have much better visibility into our Internet traffic and better control. An added benefit is the ability to log and track administrative changes and keep a better handle on what is being whitelisted and why.

Tim Porreca, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), USI Insurance Services

Cisco Umbrella Customer Testimonial

With Umbrella, we were immediately able to show the value back to the business by blocking requests to malicious requests. We are still in the process of implementation, but we will also be able to eliminate other devices in the network which will save us on maintenance and support.

Network Engineering, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

Cisco Umbrella Customer Satisfaction Rating

A Security Officer at a large enterprise electronics company would be very likely to recommend Cisco Umbrella for this reason:

We’ve seen very fast time to value with Cisco Umbrella.

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