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Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: MEMC Electronic Materials


This case study of MEMC Electronic Materials is based on a August 2015 survey of Cisco Stealthwatch customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Stealthwatch provides security and network information in one package.”


  • Stealthwatch has helped improve the following:
    • Network baselining
    • Real-time threat detection
    • Incident response
    • Forensic investigations
    • Network troubleshooting

Use Case

  • Stealthwatch has helped with:
    • Insider threats
    • APTs
    • Malware / zero-day attacks
    • DDoS attacks
    • Network performance
  • Is able to secure the following with Stealthwatch:
    • Virtual infrastructure / private clouds
    • IoT devices / systems
    • The data center
    • A BYOD environment
    • SDN infrastructure
    • Areas of my network I could not see previously
    • Remote locations


  • Stealthwatch has helped the organization achieve the following:
    • Greater network visibility
    • Heightened threat intelligence
  • Found the following Stealthwatch capabilities to be the most beneficial:
    • Sophisticated security analytics / behavioral analysis
    • Flow stitching and deduplication
    • Detection of lateral movement (East-West Traffic)
    • Long-term flow storage
  • Compared to other security vendors, Cisco is:
    • Effective at detecting attacks
  • Stealthwatch enables the company to:
    • Better manage security with limited staff / resources
    • Accelerate threat detection and mitigation
    • Speed up incident response
    • Clearly report on organizational security to upper management

Cisco Stealthwatch Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Architect at a medium enterprise computer services company would be very likely to recommend Cisco Stealthwatch for this reason:

Before Stealthwatch we would spend 100 hours verifying traffic patterns and trouble shooting application performance. Now, we can do this in just a few hours.

Stealthwatch critical to Federal Government for Security & Forensics Purposes

Stealthwatch’s user/host-level information is critical for?

Performance monitoring
Network Troubleshooting

Case Study: Stanford University


This case study of Stanford University is based on a December 2012 survey of Cisco Stealthwatch customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“[Cisco’s Stealthwatch] validates the fact that when a system is compromised/virused – we have the network information to back it up in the form of flows.”


  • Solved the following operational challenges with Stealthwatch by Cisco:
    • Enhanced network security posture
    • Improved forensic analysis
    • Increased flow collection, monitoring and analysis

Use Case

  • Primarily uses Stealthwatch by Cisco in the following ways:
    • Incident Response
    • Network Forensics
    • Security Forensics
  • Used Stealthwatch to detect or prevent the following security threats:
    • Network malware or virus
    • Suspicious user behavior
    • External hacking attempt
    • Compromised host
    • Network reconnaissance
  • Is doing the following with Stealthwatch by Cisco deployment:
    • Monitoring a centralized network with a large number of satellite or retail locations
    • Operating in a classified network with strictly controlled access to specific segments


  • Chose Stealthwatch by Cisco for the following capabilities:
    • Behavior-based security monitoring
    • Real-time flow monitoring capabilities
    • Internal visibility
  • Selected Stealthwatch by Cisco over the following vendors:
    • Q1 Labs / IBM
    • Riverbed Cascade / Mazu Networks
    • Arbor Networks
    • In-house monitoring solution
    • Open source solution
  • Meets enterprise requirements by utilizing the following Stealthwatch by Cisco benefits:
    • Real-time threat detection and correlation with user identity data
    • Enterprise-wide visibility into network activity
    • Deployment and support simplicity
    • Forensic analysis
  • Rated the following Stealthwatch by Cisco capabilities as compared to competing vendors:
    • Network Security: Better
    • Performance Monitoring: Better
    • Scalability: Better
    • Network Visibility: Better
    • Innovation: Better

Cisco Stealthwatch Customer Research

My organization uses Stealthwatch to gain visibility into:

Data centers
Virtualized infrastructure
Cloud environments

Stealthwatch Enterprise Customer Testimonial

We use Cisco Stealthwatch to protect sensitive data, detect information access abuse, and insider threats.

Engineer, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

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