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Cisco Email Security Case Study

Food and Agriculture Organization


This case study of a food and agriculture organization is based on a June 2018 survey of Cisco Email Security customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled organization asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Cisco Email Security efficiently keeps spam and threads under control. The number of spam drastically decreased by 80%. The threats are efficiently detected so the number of incidents reduced by 80%. This translates into money savings for the organization.”

“Cisco Email Security is reliable and it is efficient in detecting and spotting threats. It is very, very efficient in reducing the number of spam messages.”


The business challenges that led the profiled organization to evaluate and ultimately select Cisco Email Security:

  • Chose Cisco Email Security to protect their Office 365 email because Cisco has:
    • Stronger protection from advanced email threats (business email compromise (BEC), advanced malware and/or phishing)
    • Better spam efficacy
    • Global presence and more comprehensive threat intelligence
  • Protects sensitive information in outgoing emails with:
    • Cisco data loss prevention (DLP) for email
    • Microsoft Office 365 built-in tools
  • Evaluated the following vendor prior to choosing Cisco Email Security:
    • Barracuda

Use Case

The key feature and functionality of Cisco Email Security that the surveyed organization uses:

  • Bought Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Cisco Email Security at the same time.


The surveyed organization achieved the following results with Cisco Email Security:

  • Achieved the following with Cisco Email Security:
    • Protected users from threats in incoming email to prevent breaches
    • Contained the impact of threats due to faster detection
    • Remediated stealthy malware faster
    • Prevented data loss of sensitive content in outgoing email

About This Data

This data was sourced directly from verified users of Cisco Email Security by TechValidate.

TechValidate verifies the identity and organizational affiliation of all participants that contribute to published research data. When research participants so desire, we also guarantee their anonymity so that they may share information honestly and freely.

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