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Cisco Defense Orchestrator Customer Research

What was your primary reason for choosing CDO?

Simplicity: Streamlining security policy management: 29%
Efficiency: Being able to accomplish more with existing resources: 42%
Effectiveness: Achieving better security without adding complexity: 13%
To prepare for migration to Firepower Threat Defense (FTD): 6%
Other: 10%

Cisco Defense Orchestrator Customer Statistic

69% of surveyed organizations saw value in less than one week after deploying Cisco Defense Orchestrator.


Cisco Defense Orchestrator Customer Statistic

70% of surveyed organizations find it very valuable that Cisco Defense Orchestrator reveals issues including the presence of unused, duplicate and inconsistent objects and shadow rules, and enables them to remediate those issues.


Cisco Defense Orchestrator Customer Research

Consider the time spent managing security policies prior to CDO compared to today. How much time has CDO enabled you to save by speeding up security policy management?

90%+: 15%
75-89%: 17%
50-74%: 15%
25-49%: 17%
1-24%: 24%
No time savings: 12%

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About Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Staying on top of security is easier than ever. Cisco Defense Orchestrator helps a network operations team easily manage policies across Cisco security products. It’s a cloud-based application that cuts through complexity. You can orchestrate and manage policies consistently from one spot to keep your organization protected against the latest threats.

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