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Selected Research Highlights

CIRRUS AngioPlex Customer Satisfaction

77% of surveyed Optometrists are likely to recommend CIRRUS AngioPlex .*


CIRRUS HD-OCT 500 Customer Research

Wellness and retina health exams with CIRRUS HD-OCT 500

When I conduct wellness, retinal health or baseline exams with my CIRRUS HD-OCT 500, I use…

Macula cube scan and generated reports
ONH cube scan and generated reports
200x200 Macula Scan
PanoMap report

CIRRUS AngioPlex Customer Satisfaction Rating

An optometrist at a family optometry practice would recommend CIRRUS AngioPlex for this reason:

“It has enabled us to improve our patient care.”

CIRRUS AngioPlex Case Study

Mitchel L Wess OD


This case study of Mitchel L Wess OD is based on a May 2017 survey of CIRRUS AngioPlex customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

Mitchel L. Wess, OD would recommend using OCT angiography scans by CIRRUS AngioPlex because of "the sophisticated level of histology revealed in the scans.”


The Zeiss CIRRUS AngioPlex was purchased for the following reasons:

  • Distinguish my vision care practice as a provider of high-quality medical services
  • Make more conclusive decisions about diagnosing retinal diseases
  • Manage patients longer and refer them to a specialist at the right time
  • Provide better care to patients and better manage eye health long-term

Use Case

Compelling reasons for including OCT Angiography in a screening protocol:

  • It can establish the foundation for detecting changes in retina health later on
  • It allows for proactive patient care in diabetic retinopathy
  • It allows for detecting early signs of dry AMD
  • It can provide useful information about ocular manifestations of systemic diseases
    Dr. Wess plans to scan more than 75% of diabetic patients on CIRRUS AngioPlex

He is finding that for a patient with diabetic retinopathy, ZEISS AngioPlex OCT Angiography assists with diagnosis and determining severity of the disease.

AngioPlex helps Dr. Wess to keep the diabetic retinopathy patients longer under his care.

ZEISS AngioPlex OCT Angiography helps Dr. Wess to determine when it is the right time to refer a diabetic retinopathy patient to a retina specialist.


ZEISS AngioPlex OCT Angiography has given (Dr. Wess and his practice) a higher degree of confidence in diagnosing retina diseases. CIRRUS AngioPlex also helps to distinguish his practice because it enables a higher level of care.

Most significant effect that Zeiss AngioPlex has delivered for the patients and clinical practice of Dr. Wess:
“By using CIRRUS AngioPlex, we can understand our patient’s central retinal mischief more accurately. In addition, it has brought the highest level of diagnostic and treatment capability to my practice and the patient response has been the most impressive.”

CIRRUS AngioPlex Customer Research

Which of the following reasons led you to purchase ZEISS AngioPlex, OCT Angiography for your optometric practice?

Provide better care to my patients and better manage their eye health long-term.
Allows me to make more conclusive decisions about diagnosing retinal diseases.
To distinguish my vision care practice as a provider of high-quality medical services.
Ability to manage my patients longer and refer them to a specialist at the right time.

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CIRRUS AngioPlex allows for the visualization of both vascular and structural information from a single non-invasive scan. AngioPlex is known for ultra-clear 3D microvascular imaging, real-time eye tracking, change analysis and quantitative analytics.

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