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Certent Customer Satisfaction Rating

Martin Duhaime, a Financial Director at Vision 7 International, would be very likely to recommend Certent for this reason:

It a trusted and valuable source of info.

Certent Customer Research

Benefits of Certent Equity Management

What benefits have you experienced, or expect to experience, as a result of using Certent?

Improved the efficiency of business processes
Reduced time spent with back office workflow and manual operations
More stable platform
Enhanced scalability
Proactive versus reactive management [support, consulting, troubleshooting, etc.]
Reduced costs

Certent Customer Testimonial

I appreciate being able to search the full text of filings.

Legal Professional, Large Enterprise Computer Services Company

Certent Customer Research

Key Issues with Solium

What challenges were you experiencing with your previous vendor(s) that prompted you to evaluate Certent?

Needed an expanded feature set
Report Creation ( Time outs, data inclusion, lack of function)
Usability of platform, difficult to navigate
Difficulty scaling to meet business needs
Untimely support/poor customer experience

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Certent provides leading technology platforms to empower your teams along with brilliant humans; from Certified Equity Professionals (CEPs) to CPAs, to extend them.

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