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914 Customers Surveyed

4,866 Data Points Collected

211 Published TechFacts

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Selected Research Highlights

Centerline Drivers Statistic

75% of surveyed drivers rate Centerline’s helpfulness of local team as very good.


Centerline Drivers: driver Review

5/5 Stars

What they like best about working with Centerline:

To be honest, the salary.

Why they chose Centerline over other companies:

I like how they work. Also, because of the way they treat the drivers.

Centerline Drivers Customer Research

What are some of the top benefits of Centerline drivers?

Local support team
Quality of drivers/candidates
Accessibility of drivers
24/7 service center support
National physical footprint

Centerline Drivers: Driver Research

Please rate the following aspects of your recruitment and on-boarding experience:

Excellent Very good Good Not good

Communication and follow-up from recruiter
Speed of process
Ease of process
Helpfulness of local team
Attention to detail

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About Centerline Drivers

Centerline delivers the expertise it takes today to recruit safe, compliant drivers precisely matched to each customer’s needs so they can improve productivity, control costs and deliver superior service to their customers.

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