TechValidate Research on CA Service Management

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660 Customers Surveyed

3,192 Data Points Collected

146 Published TechFacts

16 Published Charts

26 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: Global 500 Energy & Utilities Company


This case study of a Global 500 energy & utilities company is based on a October 2013 survey of CA Service Catalog customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.


  • Adopted CA Service Catalog to solve the following challenges:
    • A lack of a single point of contact for all requests

Use Case

  • Published 101-250 services in CA Service Catalog.
  • Has 25,001 to 100,000 employees at their organization that can request services with CA Service Catalog.
  • Is in the following stages of CA Service Catalog implementation:
    • a request interface for users: implemented
    • financial Chargeback/showback: planned to implement
    • service delivery automation: implemented
    • managing request SLAs: planned to implement
    • a consumer-like experience: currently implementing


  • Achieved the following benefits with CA Service Catalog:
    • Improved IT transparency
  • strongly agree with the following statement: “CA Service Catalog has transformed how we deliver services by creating a consumer-like experience and providing additional transparency of services that resulted in reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction."
  • Delivers a service > 40% faster after adopting CA Service Catalog.
  • Realized a return on investment in CA Service Catalog in 9 to 12 months.
  • Saves > 200 FTE hours per month from automating requests, approvals, and the delivery of services with CA Service Catalog.

CA IT Asset Manager Case Study: Small Business Banking Company


This case study of a small business banking company is based on a November 2013 survey of CA IT Asset Manager customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.


  • Purchased CA IT Asset Manager to solve the following business problems:
    • Manage asset sprawl
    • Manage software compliance
    • Manage assets throughout their lifecycle

Use Case

  • Used the following tools to manage assets before deployment of CA IT Asset Manager:
    • Spreadsheets
  • Has under 100 employees in their organization.
  • Using or planning to use the following CA IT Asset Manager tools:
    • license management: plans to implement
    • vendor management: plans to implement
    • contract management: begun the implementation process
    • software asset management: plans to implement
  • Manages 100-499 assets with CA IT Asset Manager.


  • Rated how much CA enabled them to do the following:
    • improve asset lifecycle management: very strongly agree
    • achieve sizeable cost savings: agree
    • reduce software audit risk: strongly agree
    • manage vendor relationships: strongly agree
  • Achieved return on investment in CA Asset Manager in 3 – 6 months.

ITSM in the past 20 years

How has it changed?

Signficantly changed for the better: 62%
Somewhat changed: 32%
Pretty much the same: 5%
Has gotten worse: 1%

CA IT Asset Manager TechFact

A Global 500 professional services company purchased CA IT Asset Manager to manage assets throughout their lifecycle.

CA IT Asset Manager Solves Multiple Business Problems

What business problems did you have which led you to adopt CA IT Asset Manager?

Overspending on hardware assets
Overspending on software licenses
Manage asset sprawl
Manage software compliance
Lack of visibility into asset utilization
Managing assets throughout their lifecycle

European Government Benefits from using CA Service Catalog

A federal government improved productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and improved IT transparency with CA Service Catalog.

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