TechValidate Research on CA PPM

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654 Customers Surveyed

5,052 Data Points Collected

13 Published TechFacts

32 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

CA PPM Customer Statistic

86% of surveyed organizations rated CA PPM’s financial management as superior or better to the competition.


CA PPM Customer Statistic

66% of surveyed organizations created one source of truth for all work as a result of adopting CA PPM.


CA PPM Customer Research

By approximately what percent did CA PPM improve the following?

S Greater than 75% S 50-75% S 35-50% S 15-35% S Less than 15%

Reduced Project Cost Overruns
Improved Resource Utilization
Reduce Time for Manual Tasks
Improved Alignment to Business

Why CA PPM Training?

What did you achieve with CA PPM training?

Increased chance of project success through enablement (reduce risk of project failure)
Increased productivity
Reduced reliance on external support
Improved user adoption

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About CA PPM

CA PPM helps track and prioritize market and customer requirements and make better decisions on how to invest limited resources. It offers unified and comprehensive project management capabilities to deliver quality initiatives.

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