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Improve Staff Productivity By Up to 25%

A large consumer products company was able to improve IT staff productivity by 15%-25% after implementing CA UIM.

Stop Wasting Time Managing Your Monitoring Tools

A large consumer products company was able to reduce time in managing tools by 25%-40% after implementing CA UIM.

Be Proactive With Intelligent Alerts

CA Unified Infrastructure Management enables IT to pro-actively help identify issues via intelligent alerts.

Jasbir Singh, IT Manager, Aricent

Get Instant Visiblity For Decision Making

CA UIM instantly provides customers with a variety of knowledge (correlation information) needed for decision-making in a single view.

TechValidate Survey of a Medium Enterprise Consumer Services Company.

Stay Ahead Of The Game

CA UIM allows us to stay ahead of the game by proactively notifying us about server conditions.

System Administrator, Large Enterprise Insurance Company

Report Problems Before Your Customers Do

CA UIM reports problems before our customers do. It allows us to be proactive instead of reactive.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

Don’t Turn Away Users Anymore!

With CA UIM, I have not turned away many requests. The tool can be very simple if monitoring the basics or it can be customized to monitor very intricate applications.

IT Architect, Large Consumer Products Company

Monitor Literally Anything

CA UIM can monitor almost anything.

Network Administrator, Energy & Utilities

CA Spectrum Improves Network Visibility and Control

91% of IT organizations agreed with the following statement:

“CA Spectrum has enabled us to gain significant control and visibility over our network.”

CA Spectrum Helps Easynet Better Serve their Customers

[CA Spectrum] has allowed us to be more proactive to our customers. As a network provider, this is what the customer base desires above all.

Ian Robathan, IT Systems Analyst, Easynet Global Services

CA Spectrum Helps Thales Italia Meet SLAs

Network Infrastructure availability is very vital for our business, CA Spectrum helps us to monitor proactively and meet our SLA.

Najib Jama, Network Administrator, Thales Italia

Telecommunications Company’s Users Comment on CA Spectrum!

CA Spectrum® has dropped the number of Unix false positives from the thousands of alerts to the hundreds out of the box. The alert self clearing mechanism is a key to the reduction in false positives.”

“It provides a far more accurate monitoring and alerting mechanism and even allows you to diagnose a large proportion of the alerts from the console directly, so that you don’t even need to be on the server.”

“The added functionality to easily customize and tune alerts makes it a very easy product to work with.

IT Specialist, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

CA Spectrum Provides Complete View of the Network

CA Spectrum gives my team a complete view of our entire network and physical interconnections. This allows us to much more quickly troubleshoot network problems.

IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

CA Spectrum for Fault Isolation

CA Spectrum gives us a dynamic view into our network while providing fault isolation that allows our engineers to focus on fixing the issue.

IT Manager, Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

NYC Fire Department Counts on CA Spectrum

[CA Spectrum] is very reliable, user friendly, and has easy navigation.

Jomy Jose, Network Engineer, Fire Department, City of NY

CA Spectrum Consolidates Alerts across Silos

CA Spectrum consolidates alerts across different infrastructure silos and integrations into a single console of consoles.

IT Director, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

CA Spectrum Inspires Confidence at Dimension Data

CA Spectrum is one of the only fault management tools that I feel confident in. It is the only tool that I can can confidently demonstrate to a customer knowing that it would satisfy most of their requirements, if not all.

Abubakr Saban, IT Specialist, Dimension Data - Cape Town

CA Spectrum Finds Faults Fast, Reducing MTTR

Spectrum is used to monitor a wide range of network, server and infrastructure support systems. It allows us to rapidly identify and isolate faults thereby focusing repair efforts and decreasing the mean time to repair outages.

Senior IT Manager, Educational Institution

CA Spectrum is Single Point for Event Correlation

Spectrum is used as an event hub for all infrastructure creating a single point to enable correlation among events from any technology layer that we need to manage.

IT Director, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company

CA Spectrum Puts Dell Ahead of the Game

[CA Spectrum provides a] single source of hardware and network monitoring that allows views of performance prior to incidents being generated by existing hardware monitoring.

Paul Truhe, IT Specialist, Dell Inc.

CA Spectrum Identifies Outages Fast

CA Spectrum is the fastest tool for up/down (outage) reporting, and it has fault isolation!

IT Manager, Educational Institution

CA Spectrum Enables Tool Consolidation

Spectrum allowed us to consolidate several event managers and standardize the overall event management process.

IT Architect, Small Business Computer Services Company

CA Spectrum Keeps an Accurate Network Map

Spectrum is used for Network Management and supervision. It helps us to keep a distributed and shared vision of the up to date Network map, that facilitates incident and change management.

Chief Technology Officer, Large Enterprise Transportation Services Company

CA Spectrum Increases Infrastructure Visibility

Spectrum provides increased visibility of the whole infrastructure from a single application.

IT Manager, Large Enterprise Aerospace & Defense Company

CA Spectrum Adds Value

It’s ease of use, compatibility with multiple vendors, and ability to interface with third-party products has made Spectrum a valuable tool.

Network Administrator, Fortune 500 Pharmaceuticals Company

CA Spectrum is an excellent technology.

Line of Business Manager, Small Business Computer Software Company

Difficulty Determining Network Capacity Needs

Without CA Network Flow Analysis 41% of surveyed IT organizations had difficulty in determining network capacity needs for new applications and services.

Performance Problems Took Too Long To Resolve Without CA NFA

Prior to using CA Network Flow Analysis, 52% of customers surveyed indicated that performance problems took too long to resolve.

Network Routinely Blamed for Application Performance

Prior to using CA Network Flow Analysis, 54% of customers surveyed indicated that the network is routinely blamed for application performance problems.

CA Network Flow Analysis Customer Predominantly Use Cisco

94% of surveyed IT organizations predominantly use Cisco networking hardware in their environment.


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