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Selected Research Highlights

CA ADA Needed to Proactive Plan Infrastructure Capacity & Support Growth

A small business professional services company evaluated and/or selected CA Application Delivery Analysis because of the inability to proactively plan for capacity needs to support existing and planned growth.

CA Spectrum Helps Solve IT Challenges

What challenges in your infrastructure did CA Spectrum solve for your organization? (Select all that apply.)

Increased visibility across our network – physical and virtual
Identified the source of problems quickly
Improved our MTTR
Improved service levels to end users
Improved productivity of our IT staff
Reduced the number of alarms
Improved reporting
Reduced change and configuration errors

CA Unified Infrastructure Management Customer Fact

A state and local government agency collaborated across their organization to determine the root cause of performance issues and eliminated the complexity, cost, and hassle of having to use and integrate multiple point monitoring tools since adopting CA UIM.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management Customer Research

Before selecting CA UIM, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced when monitoring your IT infrastructure?

Too many monitoring tools
Inability to monitor newer, modern infrastructures such as Cloud and containers
Too much time spent in configuring and deploying monitoring tools
Scaling monitoring to growth
Too much time spent in issue resolution
Diagnosing the user experience
Lack of end-to-end visibility across cloud, traditional infrastructure, and applications

Global 500 Company uses CA eHealth for Superior SLA Reporting


This case study of a Global 500 computer services company is based on a September 2014 survey of CA eHealth customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“eHealth is used mostly for SLA reports. Lots of out of the box reports are available along with report customization feature.”


  • Held back from investing more into their infrastructure management and monitoring solutions because:
    • Pricey and hard to find external resources
    • Other priorities

Use Case

  • Uses 5+ products for infrastructure management and performance monitoring.
  • The following features are most important in providing insight into the performance of their infrastructure:
    • Support for multiple platforms
    • Mutli-tenant awareness
    • Monitoring non-SNMP devices
    • Monitoring all network devices
    • Monitoring all servers
    • Monitoring server app performance
    • Managing traps, alarms and alters
  • Currently runs the following in addition to CA eHealth:
    • CA Application Performance Management
    • CA Capacity Management
    • CA Data Center Infrastructure Management
    • CA Spectrum
  • Runs the following add-on capabilities to improve service quality and visibility into infrastructure performance:
    • Physical systems
    • Database APIs, queries or exports
    • SNMP agents
  • Uses the following resources in order to maximize their CA eHealth investment:
    • CA Support (
    • CA Services
    • CA education courses
    • CA Communities


  • Rates the following CA eHealth capabilities as compared to other network monitors:
    • Live KPI reporting: superior
    • SLA reporting: superior
    • Server & system performance: superior
    • Compliance monitor & reporting: superior

CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) Case Study: Retail Company


This case study of a large enterprise retail company is based on a September 2013 survey of CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“CA SOI helps with the alignment of IT with business processes and helps manage technology from the perspective of the business services.”


  • Using CA SOI for the following broader initiatives:
    • IT transformation from a traditional technology-focused to a service-focused organization
    • IT transformation to support new business services and gain market share
    • IT transformation to more efficiently deploy and manage new IT technologies
  • Addresses the following critical challenges with CA SOI:
    • Difficulties finding the root cause of service problems
    • A need to ensure service level objectives or agreement are met
    • The issue of end users knowing service problems before IT is informed

Use Case

  • Uses CA SOI for the following purposes:
    • To consolidate events/alerts from monitoring tools into a single console
    • To integrate data from monitoring tools to model and manage services
    • To communicate service status to business stakeholders and/or external customers
    • To consolidate the management of multiple customers in a single dashboard


  • CA SOI is helping them transform IT culture from being technology-focused to a service-focused organization.
  • CA SOI’s ability to pinpoint service impact across technology silos helps them proactively mitigate risk to the business.

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