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Selected Research Highlights

CA Unified Infrastructure Management Customer Fact

A large enterprise computer services company reduced the amount of time spent monitoring its infrastructure by > 75% with CA UIM.

CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) Case Study

Wipro Technologies


This case study of Wipro Technologies is based on a July 2016 survey of CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select CA Service Operations Insight (SOI):

  • Challenges addressed with CA SOI:
    • Difficulty knowing when and where to act to solve performance issues

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) that the surveyed company uses:

  • CA SOI features being used:
    • Google Earth in the SOI console
    • CA SOI Service View Dashboard
    • CA SOI Reporting with CABI BOXI
    • CA SOI Reporting with Jaspersoft
  • Connectors used with CA SOI:
    • CA Spectrum IM
    • CA UIM
    • CA eHealth
  • Used CA SOI Quick Charts Dashboard for:
    • Availability
    • SLA
    • Alerts


The surveyed company achieved the following results with CA Service Operations Insight (SOI):

  • CA SOI services defined:
    • Escalation Policies: 49-25
    • Event Management: 49-25
    • Service Discovery Policies: 99-50
    • Alarm Queues: 99-50
  • Import business services from CA Spectrum
  • Features active with CA SOI:
    • Business services: 499-100
    • Daily alerts: 499-100
  • SLA’s are based on:
    • Availability
    • Health

Top Reasons for Selecting CA Application Delivery Analysis

Challenges that motivated customers to choose CA ADA.

Identification of the fault domain (server, network, application) was difficult and slow.
Lacked proof of how well the application is performing over the network.
Unable to validate effectiveness of performance optimization efforts.
Infrastructure investment requests lacked sufficient supporting data or justification.
Unable to proactively plan for infrastructure capacity needs to support existing and planned growth.

CA Spectrum Case Study: Educational Institution


This case study of a educational institution is based on a November 2013 survey of CA Spectrum customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled organization asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“CA Spectrum is used to monitor a wide range of network, server and infrastructure support systems. It allows us to rapidly identify and isolate faults, thereby focusing repair efforts and decreasing the mean time to repair outages.”


  • Purchased CA Spectrum in order to:
    • Speed fault isolation and resolution
    • Monitor and manage physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • Solved the following challenges with CA Spectrum:
    • Increased visibility across their network – physical and virtual
    • Identified the source of problems quickly

Use Case

  • Has 1,001 -5,000 monitored devices.
  • Is monitoring and managing the following with CA Spectrum:
    • Physical Servers
    • Virtual Machines (VMs)
    • Network Devices
    • Data Center Facilities (power, space, cooling)


  • CA Spectrum is differentiated from competitive products in the following ways:
    • Range of vendors and technologies supported
    • Breadth of monitoring/management functionality
    • Depth of monitoring/management functionality
  • Rated the following Spectrum features in terms of how easy they are to use:
    • overall ease of use: Easy
    • platform support OOTB: Easy
    • spectrum report manager: Easy
    • discovery configurations: Easy

CA Unified Infrastructure Management Customer Fact

A large enterprise financial services company achieved the following results with CA UIM:

  • Reduced the amount of time spent managing tools and deploying monitoring configurations
  • Improved their ability to proactively monitor cloud performance and traditional IT infrastructure through a single view

CA Spectrum Improves MTTR (mean time to repair)

By what percentage have you improved your MTTR (mean time to repair) with CA Spectrum?

Greater than 75%: 6%
50% to 74%: 22%
25% to 49%: 25%
10% to 24%: 36%
Less than 10%: 11%

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