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Selected Research Highlights

Case Study: Large Enterprise Insurance Company


This case study of a large enterprise insurance company is based on a February 2014 survey of CA Technologies IdentityMinder customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“We primarily use CA Identity Manager to provision users to multiple endpoints at one time. We also use it as a password synchronization agent for those endpoints. We are looking to include self service access requests in the future.”


  • Purchased CA Identity Manager to solve the following business and security needs:
    • Automate provisioning processes for on-premise applications
    • Reduce costs of forgotten passwords
    • Simplify internal business processes around accessing apps

Use Case

  • Protects 10,000+ end users with CA Identity Manager.
  • Uses CA Identity Manager for the following purposes:
    • Provision employees to apps & services
    • Provide password management and user self-service


  • Can provision users to new applications/services 10-15% faster with CA Identity Manager compared to manual processes and home-grown technologies.
  • Reduced administrative-related costs by 10-15% with CA Identity Manager vs. managing access to applications on an individual basis.
  • Ranked the impact of CA Identity Manager in achieving the following benefits:
    • Reduced IT costs: significantly
    • Reduced security risks: significantly
  • Finds the benefit or cost reduction of operating a single infrastructure to manage user access to applications to be significant compared to implementing separate solutions for each method.
  • Rated the following CA Identity Manager features:
    • Scalability/reliability: very good
    • Platform support/connectors: good
    • Integration w/CA IAM Products: very good
    • Ease of administration: good
    • Depth of functionality: very good

CA IAM works in tandem with our other security applications. In securing the corporate world today, there is no longer any place for highly proprietary solutions. CA gets that and understands it must allow functionality with other security solutions to provide their customers with maximum security.

Security Manager, Global 500 Beverage Company

“With CA Privileged Access Manager, we’re able to address audit and compliance demands associated with controlling and managing privileged access. We saw improvements from previously inefficient routine processes related to managing privileged access. And we’re able to improve tracking, reporting and monitoring of privileged user activities, and more effectively managed privileged access across our traditional, virtualized and cloud environments.”

Case Study: eSoft 2006 C.A.


This case study of “eSoft 2006, C.A.” is based on a February 2016 survey of CA Privileged Access Manager customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.


  • Challenges solved with CA Privileged Access Manager:
    • Addressed audit and compliance demands associated with controlling and managing privileged access
    • Improved inefficient routine processes related to managing privileged access
    • Improved tracking, reporting and monitoring privileged user activities
    • Managed privileged access across the hybrid enterprise (traditional, virtualized and cloud environment)
  • Chose CA Privileged Access Manager over:
    • CyberArk

Use Case

  • Used CA Privileged Access Manager for:
    • Privileged user credential management
    • Privileged user authentication
    • Privileged user session recording and analysis
  • IT environments that CA Privileged Manager is deployed for:
    • Traditional/on-premise data centers
    • Software-defined, virtual data centers and networks
    • Public and private clouds


  • Benefits realized with CA Privileged Access Manager:
    • Reduced security and compliance risks
    • Increased accountability by gaining visibility and control of privileged user activity
    • Reduced cost of managing privileged user access by leveraging automation capabilities (e.g. password management, SSO etc.)
    • Reduced the cost and operational risk of managing application to application credential use
  • Key decision makers/influencers for making the investment in CA Privileged Access Manager:
    • IT Security (CXO/VP/Director/Manager)
    • Risk Management (CXO/VP/Director/Manager)
    • Audit (VP/Director/Manager)
  • Rated CA Privileged Access Manager’s features as:
    • Credential management: very satisfied
    • Privileged user authentication: very satisfied
    • Privileged user access control: very satisfied
    • Session recording & analysis: very satisfied
    • Activity monitoring & alerting: very satisfied
  • Outcomes from CA Privileged Access Manager:
    • Cut security/compliance risks: 50% to 74%
    • Improve compliance processes: 50% to 74%
    • Increase staff productivity: 50% to 74%
    • Increase accountability: 50% to 74%
    • Reduce cost (of PAM): 25% to 49%
  • Has significantly improved their confidence in protecting against breaches with CA Privileged Access Manager.

CA Technologies Identity Suite Customer Research

Please estimate how much faster you can provision users to new applications/services with CA Identity Manager vs. using manual processes or home-grown technologies.

50% or higher: 45%
25%-49%: 36%
10%-24%: 9%
Below 10%: 9%

78% of customers are leveraging CA IAM to support digital transformation efforts

Are you leveraging CA IAM to support your digital transformation efforts?

Yes: 78%
No: 22%

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