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Selected Research Highlights

eSoft privileged user credential management, privileged user authentication, and privileged user session recording and analysis with CA Privileged Access Manager.

Case Study: Telecom Italia


This case study of TELECOM ITALIA is based on a December 2015 survey of CA Technologies Identity and Access Management customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“The solutions enable access monitoring easily and immediately.”


  • Agrees that “enabling the business” for IAM spend is very significant.

Use Case

  • Is leveraging CA IAM to support their digital transformation efforts.
  • Accesses > 20 applications with CA IAM.


  • Is able to bring new applications to market 10-19% faster with CA IAM.
  • Agrees that they have improved engagement with their customers with CA security solutions.
  • Reports that CA IAM solutions have improved customer retention.
  • Agrees that CA IAM has enabled them to deliver new services, thus increasing revenue.
  • Reports that CA IAM solutions have increased their revenue by 11-19% by enabling them to deliver new services.

Benefits Gained With CA Privileged Access Manager

What were the most prominent benefits you have realized from your investment in CA Privileged Access Manager?

Reduced security and compliance risks
Improved audit and compliance by satisfying access control related requirements
Reduced costs and increased productivity by simplifying complex privileged management tasks
Increased accountability by gaining visibility and control of privileged user activity
Reduced cost of managing privileged user access by leveraging automation capabilities (e.g. password management, SSO etc.)
Reduced the cost and operational risk of managing application to application credential use

Case Study: Global 500 Automotive & Transport Company


This case study of a Global 500 automotive & transport company is based on a January 2015 survey of CA Technologies Identity Management customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“CA provides a one stop shop for stability and reliability.”


  • Adopted CA Security Solutions to address the following challenges:
    • Improve security for apps and data
    • Meet compliance requirements
    • Protect against breaches
    • Support business initiatives

Use Case

  • Deployed the following solutions:
    • CA Single Sign-On (SiteMinder)
    • CA Identity Management (Identity Manager)
  • Feels CA Security Solutions are differentiated from other solutions.


  • Rated CA Security Solutions’ impact on the following capabilities:
    • reduce IT costs: significant
    • improve security for apps and data: very significant
    • meet compliance requirements: very significant
    • protect against breaches: very significant
    • support business initiatives: very significant
  • Rates CA Security Solutions in the following areas:
    • reliability: very good
    • scalability: very good
    • depth of functionality: very good
    • ease of administration: very good
    • integration w/ apps & component: very good
    • Would recommend CA Security Solutions to other companies with similar business needs.

How has CA IAM improved your confidence in protecting against security breaches?

By creating a consistent and secure front door.

Donald Murphy, IT Manager, First Niagara Financial Group, Inc.

CA Identity Manager Helps Reduce Identity Management Costs

How much have you reduced the costs of managing identities through the self-service capabilities of CA Identity Manager?

Over 50%
Below 10%

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