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Selected Research Highlights

CA Technologies Identity Suite Customer Testimonial

CA Identity Suite Helps Streamline Identity Management

Identity Manager allows us to implement a central solution to provision users’ rights for various systems across the organization. This, in turn, helps track what rights these users have and when they’ve received them, helping to bolster overall security and accountability.
Identity Governance allows us to model the roles needed for the organization, greatly reducing the work needed to implement a centralized solution.
All of this benefits the organization in time saved for support staff, improved security, and simplified user rights provisioning.

IT Specialist, Small Business Professional Services Company

38% of surveyed IT organizations plan to use CA Identity Manager for provide self-service access request shopping cart in 2014.

Case Study: Telecom Italia


This case study of TELECOM ITALIA is based on a December 2015 survey of CA Technologies Identity and Access Management customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“The solutions enable access monitoring easily and immediately.”


  • Agrees that “enabling the business” for IAM spend is very significant.

Use Case

  • Is leveraging CA IAM to support their digital transformation efforts.
  • Accesses > 20 applications with CA IAM.


  • Is able to bring new applications to market 10-19% faster with CA IAM.
  • Agrees that they have improved engagement with their customers with CA security solutions.
  • Reports that CA IAM solutions have improved customer retention.
  • Agrees that CA IAM has enabled them to deliver new services, thus increasing revenue.
  • Reports that CA IAM solutions have increased their revenue by 11-19% by enabling them to deliver new services.

CA Technologies Identity Suite Customer Research

97% of Users Rate the User Experience as Superior or Very Superior!

If you are using the CA Identity Portal in your environment, please rate the quality of the overall user experience.

Very Superior
Not Superior

CA Identity Manager Helps Reduce Identity Management Costs

How much have you reduced the costs of managing identities through the self-service capabilities of CA Identity Manager?

Over 50%
Below 10%

Case Study: Large Enterprise Insurance Company


This case study of a large enterprise insurance company is based on a February 2014 survey of CA Technologies IdentityMinder customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“We primarily use CA Identity Manager to provision users to multiple endpoints at one time. We also use it as a password synchronization agent for those endpoints. We are looking to include self service access requests in the future.”


  • Purchased CA Identity Manager to solve the following business and security needs:
    • Automate provisioning processes for on-premise applications
    • Reduce costs of forgotten passwords
    • Simplify internal business processes around accessing apps

Use Case

  • Protects 10,000+ end users with CA Identity Manager.
  • Uses CA Identity Manager for the following purposes:
    • Provision employees to apps & services
    • Provide password management and user self-service


  • Can provision users to new applications/services 10-15% faster with CA Identity Manager compared to manual processes and home-grown technologies.
  • Reduced administrative-related costs by 10-15% with CA Identity Manager vs. managing access to applications on an individual basis.
  • Ranked the impact of CA Identity Manager in achieving the following benefits:
    • Reduced IT costs: significantly
    • Reduced security risks: significantly
  • Finds the benefit or cost reduction of operating a single infrastructure to manage user access to applications to be significant compared to implementing separate solutions for each method.
  • Rated the following CA Identity Manager features:
    • Scalability/reliability: very good
    • Platform support/connectors: good
    • Integration w/CA IAM Products: very good
    • Ease of administration: good
    • Depth of functionality: very good

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