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Selected Research Highlights

CA Application Performance Management Customer Testimonial

CA APM has helped us analyze and resolve problems quicker and negate faulty code.

IT Architect, Global 500 Insurance Company

Customers Rely on CA APM to Monitor Thousands of Transactions a Day

Approximately how many transactions (in thousands) per day do you monitor with CA APM?

Over 500: 35%
250 – 500: 13%
50 – 250: 16%
10 – 50: 17%
Up to 10: 19%

CA APM Generates Real Improvement

By approximately what percent did implementing CA APM improve the following?

S Over 75% S 50-75% S 35-50% S 15-35% S 0-15%

Application performance
Proactively prevent issues
MTTR for application problems
Reduce time on admin and mgmt

Societe Generale Quickly Identifies Issues with CA APM 10


This case study of Societe Generale is based on a March 2016 survey of CA Technologies Application Performance Management customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“With CA APM 10, we can graphically show application issues in less time!”


  • Business challenges addressed with CA APM 10:
    • Difficult and long root-cause analysis for app performance issues
    • Long app performance Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)
  • Challenges addressed when troubleshooting application performance issues with CA APM 10:
    • A need to pull in too many experts into a war room to resolve problems
    • Difficulty knowing when and where to act to solve performance issues

Use Case

  • Most valuable CA APM 10 features:
    • Team Center Timeline that improves triage by showing the impact of change and helping them locate where performance problems started
    • APM Command Center that provides simple management of thousands of agents
    • Modern application support with added functionality for Java™, .Net, PHP and Node.js


  • CA APM 10 capabilities most important to the organization:
    • Fast time-to-value when instrumenting agents
    • A simple, easy-to-use design and interface
  • Rates CA APM 10 on the following:
    • Ease of use and management: very effective
    • Monitoring coverage: very effective
    • Scalability: effective
    • Depth and frequency of metrics: effective
  • Improved the following with CA APM 10:
    • Improved application performance: more than 75%
    • Improved proactively preventing issues: more than 75%
    • Improved MTTR for application problems: 75-50%
    • Reduced the time they spent on admin and management tasks: 75-50%
  • Experienced the following benefits as a result of adopting CA APM 10:
    • Improved how fast they are able to fix performance issues
    • Enhanced their understanding of where the problems are and which are the most important to address first
  • CA APM 10 helped achieve the following:
    • Proactively manages the user experience to create a competitive advantage for their business
  • Agrees with the following statements:
    • CA APM 10 helps their organization speed and simplify the triage of application performance issues

S&P 500 Professional Services Company turns around End-User Experience


This case study of a S&P 500 professional services company is based on a July 2013 survey of CA Technologies Application Performance Management customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“We have improved problem resolution times with CA APM and have been better able to understand overall environment performance.”

“We appreciate the ease of deployment into existing applications and infrastructure.”


  • Purchased and implemented CA Application Performance Management to address the following:
    • An increased frequency of application slowdowns and downtime
    • Decreased customer satisfaction because of poor performance/outages
    • Increased complexity and difficulty diagnosing performance issues
    • Inefficient troubleshooting and maintenance

Use Case

  • Has 100 – 500 agents deployed.
  • Monitors the following types of applications/services with CA Application Performance Management:
    • Corporate Intranet (Sharepoint, et al)
    • Order processing systems
    • Database/data warehouse systems
  • Uses the following CA Application Performance Management offerings:
    • CA APM (Introscope + CEM)
  • Selected CA APM over:


  • Chose CA Application Performance Management over the following competitors:
    • Compuware/Dynatrace
  • Achieved the following with the implementation of CA Application Performance Management:
    • Improved end-user experience
    • Reduced mean time to repair
    • Reduced the number of performance incidents
    • Reduced the total cost of downtime to their organization
  • Ranks the improvement of the following issues solved by CA Application Performance Management:
    • Mean Time to Repair: 40% to 60%
    • Number of Outages: 20% to 40%
    • Lost Revenue: 20% to 40%
    • Customer Satisfaction: 20% to 40%
    • IT Productivity: 60% to 80%

CA Application Performance Management Customer Statistic

Trusted for Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

90% of surveyed IT organizations rate CA APM’s ability to monitor cloud-native and containerized applications in Hybrid Cloud as superior to the competition.


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