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Bromium Customer Research

Which vendors did you evaluate when choosing Bromium?

Carbon Black
Palo Alto Traps

Bromium Case Study



This case study of Mosaic is based on a December 2016 survey of Bromium customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The mission of Mosaic is to help the world grow the food it needs. By striving to produce and deliver the highest quality, most innovative crop nutrition products, it helps farmers rise to the challenge. Since forming in 2004, Mosaic has grown to be a global leader in phosphates and potash crop nutrition. It is proud to be a competitive low-cost producer with strong customer relationships, and the financial strength to invest in growth and innovation. It has led the industry in developing high-quality premium products that help growers succeed. None of Mosaic’s success would be possible without its greatest asset—its people.

“The protection is absolute, there is no question of whether something will be identified as malicious; it’s isolated by default and can’t impact the host, no matter how inventive the attack is.”


Mosaic evaluated the following vendors before choosing Bromium: Carbon Black, Invincea, and SentinelOne.

Mosaic faced the following security challenges before implementing Bromium: zero-day threats, malvertising, email attachments, unauthorized file transfers, drive-by-attacks, watering holes, (spear) phishing, ransomware, persistent attacks, targeted attacks, downloads and wanted to prevent data loss.

The top purchasing drivers for Mosaic when purchasing Bromium was to secure a mobile workforce (e.g. work anywhere, click on anything) and protect business assets (e.g. brand reputation, intellectual property, etc.).

Use Case

Mosaic chose Bromium for virtualization-based isolation, CPU enforcement, protection and self-remediating solutions.


Mosaic achieved the following results with Bromium:

  • Strongly agrees they no longer worry about endpoint security after installing Bromium.
  • Agrees Bromium’s micro-virtualization approach greatly exceeded their expectations for changing their enterprise security strategy.

Mosaic agrees that after implementing Bromium:

  • Remediation and patching has been significantly reduced.
  • Bromium gives them a business advantage because their end-users can work without a lot of security concerns.
  • They don’t worry when folks travel with their computers because they know they are protected.
  • They can (or already have) let go of other security solutions because Bromium covers them in that area.
  • Ransomware, malvertising, and other inbound threats no longer worry them.
  • They haven’t had a breach on a protected endpoint.

Bromium Customer Fact

The Valspar Corporation purchased Bromium to protect against malicious email attachments, phishing (malicious links), and file downloads.

Bromium Customer Research

Challenges Solved With Bromium

What security challenges did you face before implementing Bromium?

Email attachments
Zero-day threats
(Spear) phishing

Bromium Case Study

State & Local Government Customer Reports: “No other product can protect us like Bromium.”


This case study of a state & local government is based on a February 2018 survey of Bromium customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled organization asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Bromium has stopped threats that have gotten past other defenses.”

“Since deploying the Bromium Secure Platform, our organization has seen a significant reduction in IT time spent on remediation.”

“We look for a downloaded executable which is a big part of our department. Since having Bromium we have seen a decrease in unauthorized downloads. "

“No other product can protect us like Bromium, opening websites in Micro VM’s gives us the chance to monitor malware and put in controls to stop the malware from accessing the network after we do threat level analysis. "

“I would tell them that Bromium is an awesome company and that their product will protect you from yourself. If you want to protect your system from outside and inside threats you need to get this product. With Isolation and monitoring now in one package you get everything you need to "


The business challenges that led the profiled organization to evaluate and ultimately select Bromium:

  • Purchased Bromium because of the following reasons:
    • Malicious email attachments
    • Phishing (malicious links)
    • File downloads

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of Bromium that the surveyed organization uses:

  • Agrees with the following:
    • Bromium’s unique, patented micro-virtualization technology stops attacks from advanced malware
    • Virtualization applied to security represents an important strategic shift in cybersecurity that is helping stop cybercriminals.
    • With Bromium, they no longer worry about what end users click on
    • Bromium protects them in a way no other solution can
    • Application isolation is a critical component of the new security stack
  • Realized the following operational benefits since deploying Bromium:
    • Improved efficiency of SOC process


The surveyed organization achieved the following results with Bromium:

  • Ranks the level of importance of the following issues:
    • malicious email attachments: most important
    • phishing (malicious links): most important
    • file downloads: most important
  • Increased productivity by > 50% since using the Bromium Secure Platform.

Bromium Customer Statistic

94% of surveyed IT organizations agree that Bromium’s unique, patented micro-virtualization technology stops attacks from advanced malware.


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About Bromium

Bromium is transforming security with its unique micro-virtualization technology and endpoint protection that eliminates breaches. Bromium provides advanced endpoint security with a solution that automatically isolates each user-task in a lightweight, CPU-enforced micro-VM. This enables users to click on anything without risk of compromise, protecting the enterprise. Bromium’s technological innovations have earned the company numerous industry awards.

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