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Boston Limited Customer Research

Describing our products and services

Which of the following would you use to describe our products and services?

High quality
High performing
Wide range to choose from
Value for money

Boston Limited Customer Statistic

Understand our customers

88% of IT organizations agreed with the following statement:

""Boston understands what my company needs""

Boston Limited Customer Research

Decision Making

Please rate the following factors for making a decision to purchase products or services

100% 75% 50% 25% 0%

Technical Knowledge of Boston
Procurement Structure
Customer Service
High-Performance Hardware
Initial Cost to Buy
When your budget is up for renewal
After sales support inc Managed Services

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About Boston Limited

With 30 years of trading within the distribution and OEM marketplace, Boston Limited continue to lead the way in providing the latest high performance power optimised technologies into the HPC, ISP, Military, VFX, Enterprise and Broadcast markets with our multi-award winning server, storage, workstation and clustered solutions

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