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201 Professionals Surveyed

2,977 Data Points Collected

11 Published TechFacts

3 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

TechValidate Market Research

Artificial Intelligence Market Research Statistic

38% of surveyed organizations who selected that their performance falls short of their internal goals segment their customers based on real-time behavioral data such as current activity on websites and mobile apps.

TechValidate Market Research

How would you describe your company’s (or division’s) revenue performance in its most recent fiscal year?

Our performance exceeded our internal goals: 53%
Our performance met our internal goals: 41%
Our performance fell short of our internal goals: 7%
TechValidate Market Research

Artificial Intelligence Market Research Statistic

39% of surveyed organizations who give full access to their customer data to non-technical marketers and can drive advanced personalization and triggers without IT or Data Scientist help segment their customers based on predictive Affinities.

TechValidate Market Research

What is your role in developing and running marketing campaigns for your company?

Manage the team that performs these functions
Manage the entire campaign function (people & processes)
Manage a part of our marketing campaigns (people and processes)
Build and run campaigns as an individual contributor
Analyze campaign results

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About Blueshift Market Research

Blueshift was founded to address problems they encountered first-hand as Marketing & AI leaders at companies like WalmartLabs and Groupon. In today’s perpetually-connected world, customers are interacting with brands on more and more channels, generating 1000 times more data compared to traditional demographic and lifecycle data. AI is the key to unlocking the power of this fast-changing data, and delivering 1:1 personalization. That is why they have built Blueshift as a modern AI-First platform for Cross-Channel Marketing.

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