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Selected Research Highlights

BlueJeans Events Customer Research

Why were you looking to switch?

Wanted a simpler event management solution
Wanted better pricing
Wanted more audience engagement features
Wanted better audio and video quality
Wanted better security
Wanted better event support
Wanted a more reliable solution
Wanted a better mobile experience
Wanted a more scalable solution

BlueJeans Network Case Study

Fuller Theological Seminary


This case study of Fuller Theological Seminary is based on an August 2017 survey of BlueJeans Network customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“The essentially unlimited supply in videoconferencing greatly increased the demand (tripled in the past two years), changing the way departments work and interact across all our campuses.”


The business challenges that led the profiled organization to evaluate and ultimately select BlueJeans Network:

  • Top drivers for purchasing BlueJeans was:
    • The inability to easily connect existing video conferencing investments across meetings
    • Too much IT support required for video meetings
    • Too many endpoints to support with existing resources
    • The need for a cloud-based rather than local solution
  • Purchased BlueJeans for it’s:
    • Ease of use – requires little-to-no training
    • Management & analytics functionality
    • pricing model and scalability
  • Replaced the following with BlueJeans:
    • Polycom RMX

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of BlueJeans Network that the surveyed organization uses:

  • Integrates 2 different video conferencing systems into BlueJeans.
  • Uses BlueJeans primarily in:
    • Hosting internal meetings (1-1, team meetings)
    • Large-scale video events (all-hands, company-wide meetings, trainings, etc.)
    • Video-enablement of conference rooms
    • Hosting external meetings with customers, vendors, partners
    • Site-to-site and online classes


The surveyed organization achieved the following results with BlueJeans Network:

  • Purchased BlueJeans over:
    • Cisco (TelePresence or Spark)
    • LifeSize
    • Zoom
    • Polycom
    • vidyo
  • Increased video conferencing by >100% (more than doubled) after implementing BlueJeans.
  • Saw the following benefits with BlueJeans:
    • Improved usage of existing videoconferencing investments/technology
    • Improved collaboration across internal teams, external partners, agencies, consultants
    • Consolidation of collaboration solutions (web, audio, video)
    • Increased number of endpoints supported with available resources

BlueJeans Case Study

BCS Prime


This case study of BCS Prime is based on a June 2018 survey of BlueJeans customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“Our HR recruiters and hiring managers can quickly assess candidates for culture fit without requiring face-to-face interviews.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select BlueJeans:

  • Prompted to invest in BlueJeans after experiencing the following challenges:
    • An inability to easily connect their existing video conferencing investments across meetings
    • Too much IT support required for video meetings
    • Needing to consolidate audio/document/video conferencing systems
    • Poor collaboration across remote teams, external partners, agencies, and/or consultants
    • Poor usage, uptake, and adoption of current video conferencing investments
    • Too many endpoints to support with existing resources
  • BlueJeans replaced or was chosen over the following vendors:
    • Webex
    • GoTo Meeting
    • Polycom
    • Cisco (Telepresence or Spark)

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of BlueJeans that the surveyed company uses:

  • Uses the following App integrations with BlueJeans:
    • Microsoft Outlook
    • Skype for Business
  • Invested into BlueJeans because of its:
    • Ease of use (requires little-to-no training)
    • Video quality
    • Audio quality
    • Integrations with collaboration, productivity, scheduling tools
    • Interoperability with video conferencing room systems
  • Finds value in the following BlueJeans capabilities/features compared to other vendors they have used:
    • User experience
    • Video quality
    • Audio quality
    • Ability to use on mobile
    • Not needing to be downloaded for external users


The surveyed company achieved the following results with BlueJeans:

  • BlueJeans helps them improve employee productivity with a simple user experience: Strongly agree
  • Using BlueJeans helps teams complete projects faster: Strongly agree
  • BlueJeans saves them money by consolidating video, audio, and web conferencing costs into a single meetings platform: Strongly agree
  • BlueJeans enables them to get more value out of their existing video conferencing systems: Agree
  • BlueJeans enables teams to do their best work: Strongly agree
  • Using BlueJeans to interview candidates helps them attract a modern workforce: Strongly agree
  • Using BlueJeans enables IT/AV teams to support more meetings with the same or fewer resources: Agree
  • BlueJeans enables teams to work productively how and where they want: Strongly agree
  • Achieved the following quantifiable benefits since using BlueJeans:
    • Annual savings due to enhanced productivity
    • Annual travel savings
    • Annual savings in offices/facilities investments

BlueJeans by Verizon Customer Statistic

Compared to your experience with other video conferencing providers, 97% of surveyed organizations said they agree that BlueJeans is superior in security.


BlueJeans by Verizon Customer Satisfaction Rating

Dizzie Ramsey, a Founder at Just Energy Entertainment, would be very likely to recommend BlueJeans by Verizon for this reason:

I enjoy BlueJeans video conferencing and have recommended to clients and others already! Important trainings, meetings, and rehearsals take place on BlueJeans by Verizon.

BlueJeans Network Customer Research

Enterprises prefer BlueJeans over Cisco Webex and MS Skype for integrated video conferencing.

What vendor(s) did you evaluate before selecting BlueJeans?

Skype for Business
Cisco (TelePresence or Spark)

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About BlueJeans by Verizon

BlueJeans Network is the most advanced way to enable video conferencing in the workplace or on the road. The goal is to make video as easy and pervasive as audio communications and create visual experiences that people love. While the audience that uses BlueJeans has expanded to businesses of all sizes, the core customers are enterprises who need reliability, security, and scale they can trust.

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