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Selected Research Highlights

BitTitan Customer Research

What is the biggest pain point when performing any migration?

Project complexity
Customer downtime
Data loss
Lack of adequate technical support
Security concerns

BitTitan Customer Testimonial

More and more customers are migrating from on-premise server solutions to cloud solutions. MigrationWiz has reduced the staffing required to perform these operations from requiring all heads to a single engineer and minimal post-migration support staff.

IT Administrator, Small Business Computer Services Company

BitTitan Case Study

Small Business Professional Services Company


This case study of a small business professional services company is based on a May 2018 survey of BitTitan customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Doing Exchange to Office 365 migrations is a snap to set up, run and monitor. It’s saved us countless hours over PST/IMAP migrations!”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select BitTitan:

  • Challenges faced before implementing MigrationWiz:
    • The high cost of configuring and managing migration projects
    • Slow migration project times
    • Manual processes causing errors and inconsistent results
    • Low customer satisfaction
  • Identified project complexity as the biggest pain point when performing any migration.

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of BitTitan that the surveyed company uses:

  • Workloads migrated with MigrationWiz:
    • Mail
  • Migrates less than 100 Users on average with each MigrationWiz project.


The surveyed company achieved the following results with BitTitan:

  • Migration projects have increased in efficiency by more than 50% since using MigrationWiz.
  • Key reasons for purchasing MigrationWiz:
    • 100% SaaS
    • Security
    • Cost-savings
    • Speed of migrations
    • BitTitan technical support
  • MigrationWiz increased their cost-savings by a factor of six.
  • Since they began using MigrationWiz for their customers’ migration projects, they have saved both time and money.

BitTitan Customer Satisfaction Rating

Michelle Canada, IT Solutions Architect at FlexManage, would be very likely to recommend MigrationWiz for this reason:

MigrationWiz is our tool of choice. From the capabilities it provides, to the customer service, knowledge and professionalism of the BitTitan team, we rely on BitTitan for even the smallest of migration projects.

BitTitan Customer Research

What challenges did your business face before implementing MigrationWiz?

Manual processes causing errors and inconsistent results
Slow migration project times
High cost of configuring and managing migration projects
Difficulty determining causes for migration failures
Low customer satisfaction

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