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Big Switch Networks Customer Testimonial

Big Cloud Fabric is a key enabler of our business. We needed a modern, robust solution that would integrate with OpenStack, scale, and be free of legacy vendor lock-in.

Christian Sarrasin, Founder, CleanSafeCloud

Big Switch Networks Customer Research

What are your Biggest Security Concerns?

What are your biggest security concerns?

Lack of network visibility
Shadow IT
Phishing attacks

Big Switch Networks Customer Research

Please rate the following Big Switch capabilities compared to your previous data center solution?

Best In Class Significantly Better Better Worse


Big Switch Networks Customer Fact

A fortune 500 Aerospace & Defense company’s average time saved for standard network operations was 51-75% faster with Big Monitoring Fabric.

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About Big Switch Networks

Big Switch Networks is the Next-Generation Data Center Networking Company. We disrupt the status quo of networking by designing intelligent, agile and flexible networks for our customers around the world. We do so by leveraging the principles of software-defined networking (SDN), coupled with a choice of industry-standard hardware.

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