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281 Customers Surveyed

2,671 Data Points Collected

92 Published TechFacts

58 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

AVEVA World Digital Customer Statistic

91% of surveyed organizations who selected Customer or Potential Customer believe upfront access to leading technologies is important in helping accelerate their recovery and transformation efforts.

AVEVA World Digital Customer Satisfaction Rating

Mark Davidson, a CMO at Self, would be likely to recommend AVEVA World Digital for this reason:

Useful strategic information in small, manageable presentations.

AVEVA World Digital Customer Research

APAC Feedback on Day 2 & Day 3 Keynotes

How would you rate the sessions on Day 2 and Day 3?

Excellent Good Average Poor N/A

Ravi Gopinath, AVEVA: Equip Your Business to Accelerate
Charles Cessot, Technip Energies: Realizing the Energy Transition with Technip Energies
Data-Led Innovation Panel: The Industries of the Future
Daryl Willis, Microsoft: Industrial Innovation in 2021 – Our New Paradigm
Craig Hayman, AVEVA & Dr Daniel Yergin, IHS Markit: Fireside Chat on the New Global Opportunity
Mike Pring, AVEVA: Your Digital-First Future: Enabling Customer Success in 2021
Ugwem Eneyo, SHYFT Power Solutions: Powering and Empowering Sustainable Innovation

AVEVA World Digital Customer Research

Sustainability Priorities – APAC

How important are the following Sustainability focuses to your organization’s operations and transformation strategy formulation?

Extremely Important Very Important Important Not Important

Enhanced energy efficiency
Increased supply chain agility
Optimized resource efficiency
Improved emission reductions

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