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106 Professionals Surveyed

1,060 Data Points Collected

4 Published TechFacts

8 Published Charts

Selected Research Highlights

TechValidate Market Research

86% of organizations agreed with the following statement:

“The digital transformation of my business is a key component of my company’s strategic plan.”

TechValidate Market Research

What obstacles do you see in executing on your cloud adoption plan?

Concern about the security of cloud computing solutions
Concerns about the ability of cloud computing solutions to meet enterprise and/or industry standards
Concerns about information governance (eDiscovery and other information management requirements)
Difficulty measuring ROI/determining accurate economic value of cloud solutions
Lack of clear strategy or help from key vendors in adapting their applications to cloud computing platforms
Insufficient administrative resources
TechValidate Market Research

What is your timeline for cloud adoption?

Less than 6 months: 26%
6-12 months: 36%
12-24 months: 17%
Greater than 24 months: 21%
TechValidate Market Research

64% of surveyed organizations do have a plan for cloud adoption.


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