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Selected Research Highlights

Differentiators of Wonderware Intelligence software

In your opinion, which capabilities differentiate Wonderware Intelligence Software most from competitive Manufacturing Intelligence/EMI offerings?

Ability to contextualize time series and transactional data
Analytics and dashboards visualization through integration of Tableau software
Scalability of the Wonderware Intelligence solution architecture
Ability to contextualize data across multiple data sources
The Intelligence data store concept, persisting metrics, and context history data
Connectivity to any industrial standards based data source
Near-real time computation of metrics

Rise Above the Competition with Wonderware

As an integrator of the product, Wonderware Supervisory HMI Software has made us more competitive.

Jim Brown, Software Engineer, Tri-City Electric

Increased Efficiency of Your Data

Wonderware allowed for greater visibility of data and the ability to create objects or replicate devices in the field.

Optimization Engineer, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

Case Study: Global 500 Consumer Products Company


This case study of a Global 500 consumer products company is based on a March 2014 survey of Invensys Wonderware Software customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.


  • Selected Wonderware Software to achieve the following improvements:
    • Better HMI design
    • Better process control
    • Better process visibility
    • More accurate reporting & analysis

Use Case

  • Uses the following Wonderware software products:
    • Wonderware Historian (InSQL)
    • Wonderware InTouch HMI
  • Purchased Wonderware Software for the following reasons:
    • The ability to integrate to the process
    • Existing Wonderware software investment
    • Its functional fit to their needs
    • Partnerships with Systems Integrators and other industry consultants


  • Finds Wonderware Software’s reporting: choices and capabilties differentiates them from the competition.
  • Achieved the following benefits with Wonderware Software:
    • Improved process or operational visibility
  • Paid back their investment in Wonderware Software in 12-18 months.
  • Realized the following improvements with Wonderware Software:
    • Reduced manufacturing cost: 5%-10%
    • Improved OEE: 10%-20%
    • Improved process/product quality: 10%-20%
    • Improved reporting and analysis: 20%-30%

Wonderware Customers Receive Fast ROI

What is, or do you anticipate, the payback period for your investment is in Wonderware software? (choose one)

0-3 months: 5%
3-6 months: 8%
6-9 months: 13%
9-12 months: 19%
12-18 months: 21%
> 18 months: 34%

Case Study: Medium Enterprise Food Company


This case study of a medium enterprise food company is based on a July 2014 survey of the Wonderware and Microsoft partnership customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“Working with Wonderware and Microsoft allows us to do more with less while reducing waste.”


  • Wonderware products that are integrated with Microsoft technologies allow for:
    • Better visibility of plant operations
    • Better integration between plant and enterprise (business systems)
    • Better integration between plant and controls (automation)
    • Easier acquisition of Microsoft products (SQL Server)

Use Case

  • Uses the following Wonderware software products:
    • Wonderware Development Studio
    • Wonderware Historian (InSQL)
    • Wonderware Historian Client (ActiveFactory)
    • Wonderware Information Server
    • Wonderware Intelligence EMI
    • Wonderware MES/Operations
    • Wonderware QI Analyst
    • Wonderware (ArchestrA) System Platform
  • In the food and beverage/CPG industry.
  • Currently using the following Microsoft products:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Microsoft CALS (Client Access Licenses)
    • Mobile (phones, tablets)
    • .NET
    • Windows OS’s
    • Virtualization (Hyper-V)


  • Takes advantage of the partnership of Microsoft and Wonderware Software in the following ways:
    • Adopt new operating systems
    • Become educated on new, upcoming technologies and products
    • Have early access to patches and bug fixes
    • Easily acquire and use SQL Server
  • Found that the following capabilities differentiated Wonderware Software from the competition:
    • Integration capabilities (business to automation, MES to controls)
    • The Microsoft technology/strategic partnership
    • Product capabilities: visualization
    • Product capabilities: operations (OEE, MES, Quality)
  • Realized the following benefits due to the Microsoft/Wonderware partnership alliance:
    • Improved asset utilization (uptime and OEE)
    • Improved plant-to-business integration
    • Increased productivity, quality and/or throughput
    • Improved process or operational visibility
    • Reduced cost of business (product, assets, regulatory compliance, etc.)
  • Saw the following improvements due to the Wonderware/Microsoft partnership:
    • Improved product/process integration: 10-20%

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