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242 Customers Surveyed

1,958 Data Points Collected

26 Published TechFacts

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46 Published Case Studies

Selected Research Highlights

DocAve has allowed us to meet regulatory requirements, allow the business to take control and ownership of their content, and disconnect IT from the management of content.

IT Manager, Fortune 500 Insurance Company

AvePoint’s DocAve Software Customer Statistic

43% of surveyed IT organizations who selected SharePoint 2003 migrated to SharePoint 2013.


Case Study: Medium Enterprise Automotive & Transport Company


This case study of a medium enterprise automotive & transport company is based on a March 2016 survey of AvePoint customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

“DocAve has been of great use to us. Support has also been great.”

“We use DocAve mainly to move content around our SharePoint environment. Its best value is the speed with which we can move content around, ensuring that security, structure, and metadata are also moved.”


  • Top drivers for buying DocAve software include:
    • General management and administration
    • Content management and synchronization
  • Chose AvePoint over competitors for the following reason:
    • Recommend by a consultant working with us at the time, on a SharePoint custom development

Use Case

  • Using the following version of SharePoint while managing DocAve Software:
    • SharePoint 2010


  • Rates DocAve’s qualities when compared to the competition, custom developed solutions, and/or SharePoint’s native capabilities:
    • Performance: significantly better
    • Ease of use: significantly better
    • Reliability: best in class
    • Scalability: significantly better
  • Realized the following operational benefit following the deployment of DocAve:
    • Allowed us to move content around with the replicator tool, required due to organizational changes
  • Improved its SharePoint management capabilities after implementing DocAve software by 10-20% when compared to SharePoint native or in-house capabilities.

AvePoint’s DocAve Software Customer Research

How long did it take you to complete your migration with DocAve?

Less than 1 month: 19%
2 months: 23%
3 months: 21%
4 months: 8%
5-6 months: 15%
7-9 months: 4%
9-12 months: 6%
More than 12 months: 6%

Purchased DocAve Software for:

What were the top purchasing drivers for buying DocAve Software?

Data protection/backup
Reporting and intelligence
Storage management
General management and administration
Security and permissions management
Content management and synchronization

AvePoint’s DocAve Software Case Study

Orlando Regional Healthcare System


This case study of Orlando Regional Healthcare System is based on a June 2016 survey of AvePoint’s DocAve Software customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“We chose DocAve for our migration over the competition because of its ease of use, price, and support.”


  • The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select AvePoint’s DocAve Software:
    • Experiencing a lack of a direct migration path from the source to the destination
    • Unable to preserve all metadata – including security settings, attributes, and properties – with full fidelity upon migration
    • Unable to migrate workflows
  • Chose AvePoint over:
    • Metalogix
    • Sharegate
    • Service provider
  • Chose AvePoint over the competition because of:
    • Enterprise scalability to handle large and complex migrations
    • Integrated technologies/platform
    • Support and services

Use Case

  • Systems migrated from:
    • SharePoint 2007
    • SharePoint 2003
  • System migrated to:
    • SharePoint 2010


  • Rated AvePoint’s features when compared to the competition:
    • Performance: best in class
    • Ease of use: significantly better
    • Reliability: best in class
    • Scalability: best in class
    • Fidelity & data transformation: significantly better
  • The surveyed company achieved the following results with AvePoint’s DocAve Software:
    • Migrated 300 GB – 1 TB of data using DocAve
    • Completed their migration in less than one month with DocAve
    • Was able to migrate greater than 50% faster with DocAve

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