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ATCC Customer Research

Top reasons why customers purchase from ATCC to support their research and development:

ATCC products are reliable
ATCC products are of high quality
ATCC has the most comprehensive solutions for my research
ATCC offers solutions difficult to find elsewhere
ATCC has the most relevant products for my research

ATCC Genome Portal Customer Statistic

97% of organizations agreed with the following statement:

“The ATCC Genome Portal is a trustworthy and reliable source of whole genome sequencing data.”

ATCC Genome Portal Customer Review

4/5 Stars

How our team uses the ATCC Genome Portal:

We use it to compare prophage sequences in multi drug resistant strains of pathogenic bacteria like P. aeruginosa and K. pneumoniae.

Would you recommend the ATCC Genome Portal to your colleagues, and if so, why?

Yes, if it is relevant to their work

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With almost a century of scientific best practices and know-how, ATCC offers an unmatched combination of being the largest and most diverse collection of biological research solutions and a mission-driven, trusted partner that supports and encourages scientific collaboration. At ATCC, we believe that credible leads to incredible. We are dedicated to raising credibility in science by empowering the global scientific community with the credible standards, cutting-edge biological models, and custom solutions that lead to incredible scientific advancements. Visit to learn more about our commitment to the future.

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