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Apptio Customer Testimonial

Our experience working with Apptio has unveiled process and data opportunities from our organizations perspective.

IT Systems Analyst, Fortune 500 Electronics Company

Apptio Customer Testimonial

Apptio has simplified the process for data gathering and presentation. We can now have informed conversations with IT and business leaders using a consistent data set and tool. Budget variances are still a challenge but we now have unprecedented insight into the cause and remediation of those variances.

Director of Finance, Large Enterprise Health Care Company

Apptio Customer Statistic

87% of surveyed organizations used Spreadsheets for IT budgeting and planning prior to using Apptio.


Apptio Customer Testimonial

We now have a formal process, not only for the annual budget but for monthly forecasting. This has removed the manual work in consolidating budgets from over 200 spreadsheets. Since we started monthly forecasting, we receive a lot more input from the operational managers. They are more involved in the budgeting and planning process. There are fewer surprise expenses and most of the time now when there is a surprise expense, they let us know through the monthly forecast process.

Application Manager, Large Enterprise Healthcare Company

Apptio Customer Testimonial

Going from WHY to HOW on IT costs:

Apptio has changed the conversation from ‘Why is IT so expensive?’ to ‘How can I help reduce expenses?’ The transparency provided allows the business partners to understand the underlying details.

IT Director, Global 500 Professional Services Company

Apptio Customer Statistic

83% of surveyed organizations used spreadsheets for managing IT costs prior to using Apptio.


Apptio Customer Satisfaction Rating

An IT Manager at a medium enterprise retail company would be very likely to recommend Apptio for this reason:

Their set of tools have been very helpful in providing cost transparency and identifying areas for improvement. Moreover, their staff has been amazing with our implementations and ongoing consultation.

Apptio Customer Fact

A large enterprise transportation services company used Spreadsheets and IBM (TM1) for IT budgeting and planning prior to switching to Apptio.

Apptio Customer Testimonial

Apptio has allowed for enhanced business decision making for service owners as well as consumers based on true consumption of different services. It has also allowed for a more holistic approach to managing and providing IT services.

Financial Analyst, Medium Enterprise Insurance Company

Apptio Customer Testimonial

Apptio has allowed us to provide clear cost transparency to our business, down to the key drivers. We are able to articulate our strategy better in financial terms and get everyone together on the journey.

CFO, Global 500 Retail Company

Apptio Customer Testimonial

Accelerated time to value with IT Financial Management

We’ve been using Apptio for six months and are already seeing a big impact in our focus on transparency with the business, to enlighten them (and us in IT) on the true costs of running our systems and solutions.

Chief Information Officer, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

Apptio Customer Testimonial

Automate & Go Faster

We have streamlined a process through automation that took 20 FTEs and hundreds of spreadsheets, which resulted in a 180-degree shift in credibility with our business partners.

IT Manager, Fortune 500 Energy & Utilities Company

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