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Cisco AppDynamics Customer Satisfaction

50% of surveyed organizations are likely to recommend Cisco AppDynamics.*


Cisco AppDynamics Customer Testimonial

It ended up not being appropriate for our current workload but was still valuable/instrutive for identifying potential gap in visbility and getting a better sense of what’s coming down the road.

Garrick Linn, IT Architect,, LP

Cisco AppDynamics Customer Testimonial

Had initial issues with data ingestion that were not satisfied by documentation.

IT Specialist, Fortune 500 Retail Company

Cisco AppDynamics Customer Testimonial

AppD Team is great but the product is not ready yet.

Chief Architect, Global 500 Telecommunications Services Company

Cisco AppDynamics Customer Testimonial

It was a nice program where customers can evaluate the all the features of AppD cloud, could monitor the AWS hosts without installing agents once integrated with AWS account.

System Administrator, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

Average Rating of Cisco AppDynamics Customers

3/5 Stars

5 organizations rated their overall experience using AppDynamics Cloud as 3 out of 5 stars on average.

Cisco AppDynamics Customer Statistic

50% of surveyed organizations believe the most important aspect of a cloud-native observability solution is that it shows a full-stack correlated view of telemetry data.


Cisco AppDynamics Customer Statistic

83% of surveyed organizations are most challenged with gaps in visibility with a cloud-native application environment.


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