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Selected Research Highlights

Agiliti Customer Testimonial

Agiliti provides dependability, timeliness, and a commitment to customer service.

Financial Director, Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

Agiliti Customer Testimonial

Agiliti positively impacts our facility by supplementing our equipment needs reliably and with equipment that our staff is accustomed to using.

Chief Executive Officer, Medium Enterprise Healthcare Company

Agiliti Customer Research

Critical Service Metric Unknown to Most

Our facility’s medical equipment service cost to acquisition ratio is:

Less than 5%: 7%
Between 5% and 7%: 13%
Between 8% and 10%: 4%
Over 10%: 2%
I don't know: 74%

Agiliti Clinical Engineering Services Case Study

Academic Medical Center Improves Technician Productivity, Inventory Management and Equipment Uptime with Hybrid Clinical Engineering Model


This case study is based on a July 2018 survey of Agiliti customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled academic medical center in this case study was focused on reducing their service costs, increasing technician productivity and improving PM and recall compliance and reporting. The hospital selected Agiliti to provide a flexible, on-demand coverage, as well as dedicated technical support for entire equipment types, to help them achieve their service goals.

“Agiliti is very willing to meet our specific service needs without expecting my organization to purchase unneeded service. The quality of their work is very high, and they are always able to support our facility. As a result, we’ve seen measurable improvements to our operational and financial outcomes.”


The profiled academic medical center ultimately selected Agiliti for their clinical engineering services in order to address the following business challenges at their hospital:

• Cost of service & repairs/service to acquisition costs
• Equipment uptime
• Matching work levels to staffing levels (employee leave, episodic event)
• PM compliance & reporting
• Technician competency levels – technician skill set

Use Case

Today, the profiled hospital relies on a hybrid service model that features the following key capabilities:

• Supplemental staffing (hourly or block of time)
• Equipment type contract (complete PM and repair of an equipment type, i.e. beds, infusion pumps)

When asked, the Biomed Director identified the capability of the program to offer flexible coverage (Access to flexible, on-demand FTEs) as a key differentiator from the competition.


The profiled academic medical centers agrees that the capabilities of the hybrid clinical engineering program were highly valuable to the success of their facility, and Agiliti helped them to achieve the following results:

• Improved PM and recall compliance
• Improved equipment uptime
• Achieved better labor allocation
• Improved inventory management

In evaluating the program, the Biomed Director mentioned that the “onboarding and implementation exceeded their expectations compared to similar vendors they have worked with in the past.” Also, as a result of partnering with Agiliti for multiple different solutions, the were able to realize a synergistic benefit across the facility.

Agiliti Customer Research

Reasons Why Customers Chose Agiliti

We chose to partner with Agiliti for the following reasons:

Excellent Service
Relationship with Agiliti Team
Quality of Equipment
Knowledge / Expertise of Agiliti Team
Value for Price

Agiliti Clinical Engineering Services Case Study

Hospital Reduces Service Costs by Over 20% with Custom Clinical Engineering Program for General Biomed Equipment


This case study is based on a July 2018 survey of Agiliti customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service. The profiled hospital was looking to reduce the cost of service and repairs and improve PM compliance and reporting. Since implementing an Agiliti clinical engineering program, the facility has been able to cut its service costs by 20% and improve PM compliance.

“As a result of the Agiliti Clinical Engineering Services program, we’ve been able to improve our operational and financial outcomes.”


The hospital had a few main areas of contention that they wanted to address by choosing an Agiliti General Biomed Program. Prior to choosing an Agiliti solution, the hospital was faced with the following business challenges:

  • High cost of service and repairs
  • PM compliance and reporting
  • Equipment downtime
  • Administrative burden
  • Inventory management

Use Case

Today, this customer relies on a program in which Agiliti manages all general biomed equipment. When vetting other third-party service providers, the hospital identified three main Clinical Engineering capabilities that differentiated Agiliti from the competition:

  • Customer service
  • Flexible coverage (Access to flexible FTEs)
  • Parts and contract management

The company also agreed that Agiliti offered a “better value for the services offered compared to competitive solutions.”


The partnership with Agiliti has benefited the facility in multiple ways that allows the customer’s staff to work more efficiently and effectively – very quickly after implementation.
In fact, the Purchasing Manager at the facility stated the Clinical Engineering program has produced a measurable financial impact, and within 12 months of working with Agiliti, the company received a positive ROI.
The Agiliti program was able to help the surveyed hospital improve PM and recall compliance while also more effectively utilizing labor. As a result, the customer was able to decrease its service costs by greater than 20%.
“Our equipment downtime has been reduced and cost savings have been substantial.”

Overall, the program has provided the following benefits:

  • Reduced service costs by over 20%
  • Improved PM and Recall Compliance
  • Reduced administrative burden (non-productive tech time)
  • Achieved better labor allocation
  • Improved inventory management

In evaluating the program, the Purchasing Manager from the facility rated the Agiliti Clinical Engineering Services program “as highly valuable as it relates to the success of their facility.”

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