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Jira Align Customer Statistic

Top in transparency and visibility

91% of surveyed organizations rated Jira Align’s performance compared to the competition as better in terms of top to bottom visibility and transparency.


Jira Align Customer Statistic

85% of surveyed customers rated Jira Align’s performance better than CA Agile Central/Rally.


Jira Align Customer Statistic

74% of Jira Align customers realized benefits within 3 – 6 months post-implementation.


Jira Align Customer Satisfaction Rating

Bronwyn Howard-Browne, a Global Operations Director at Global Technology Company, UK, would be very likely to recommend Jira Align for this reason:

Jira Align is the most brilliant application I have worked with in my professional career. I know it sounds ridiculous but it changed my life at work! Being able to manage, and view, huge portfolios of work – and visualize how they roll up to our strategic imperatives – in one place and in real time is AMAZINGLY powerful and valuable.

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