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Curated collections and slideshows of TechValidate research data on HPE Hybrid IT Solutions.

Selected Research Highlights

HPE OneView Case Study

TOT Public Company


This case study of a TOT Public Company is based on a January 2017 survey of HPE OneView customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“HPE OneView helps us reduce the time it takes to deploy the resources to the customers.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select HPE OneView:

  • Uses HPE OneView to meet the following requirement:
    • Allow them to have a uniform way of interacting with resources

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of HPE OneView that the surveyed company uses:

  • Agrees the following HPE OneView feature provided the most value:
    • Template based approach to provisioning, updating and integrating servers, storage and networking
  • Is using HPE OneView to manage the following product:
    • HPE BladeSystem c-Class
  • Purchased HPE OneView over the following vendor:
    • HPE OneView was our first choice


The surveyed company achieved the following results with HPE OneView:

  • Recommends HPE OneView to their peers because:
    • Faster to deploy, update and provision infrastructure
  • Agrees HPE OneView stands out from other solutions in the market because of:
    • High-quality performance
  • Realized the following benefit with HPE OneView:
    • Increased the speed of deployment of new applications and services using REST API
  • Realized the following improvements with HPE OneView:
    • Reduced time required for deployment, provisioning, and upgrading: > 50%
    • Increased IT staff productivity through more efficient infrastructure management: 26-50%
    • Reduced the number of errors due to automation through templates: > 50%
    • Increased the number of servers managed across multiple locations with same staffing levels: > 50%
    • Improved application availability: 26-50%

HPE StoreEver Customer Testimonial

HPE StoreEver systems bring us proven reliability and the most cost-effective solution for long-term data storage in our Organization.

Anand Trivedi, Virtualization Architect, Reliance Industries Limited

HPE Synergy Customer Research

What application workload are you using or planning to use with HPE Synergy?

Virtualization and VDI (eg. VMware, HyperV, Citrix, Oracle VM)
Traditional enterprise applications
Data Management (e.g. Oracle, SQL)
Collaboration (e.g. Exchange, SharePoint)
DevOps (e.g. Docker, Chef, Puppet)
Hybrid Cloud Management (e.g. Morpheus)
Cloud Native Apps

HPE Synergy Case Study

Opin Kerfi


This case study of Opin Kerfi is based on a May 2019 survey of HPE Synergy customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“HPE Synergy helps me in my journey to a simplified hybrid IT environment at my organization.”


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select HPE Synergy:

  • Addressed the following challenges after using HPE Synergy:
    • Siloed IT environment resulting in long lead times to provision infrastructure
    • Inability to react quickly enough to the business needs

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of HPE Synergy that the surveyed company uses:

  • Uses or plans to use the following application workload with HPE Synergy:
    • Traditional enterprise applications
    • Virtualization and VDI applications (VMware, HyperV, Citrix, Oracle VM)
  • Rates the value of the following capabilities provided by HPE Synergy:
    • Fluid pool of resources (which avoid over-provisioning of hardware): very valuable
    • Ability to provision and re-provision infrastructure quickly to meet ongoing needs of the business: very valuable
    • Ability to deploy OS/application stacks in just a few clicks: very valuable
    • Ability to simplify daily IT operational tasks: very valuable
    • Ability to treat infrastructure as code (allowing internal SW development teams to deploy infrastructure quickly using DevOps tools): very valuable


The surveyed company achieved the following results with HPE Synergy:

  • Reports the time spent deploying O/S and application workloads:
    • Before using HPE Synergy: 1 day – 1 week
    • After using HPE Synergy: 1 hour – 1 day
  • Saw improvements in the following areas since using HPE Synergy:
    • Improved application performance: 51-75%
    • Reduced the time spent provisioning and re-provisioning infrastructure: more than 75%
    • Reduced the time spent deploying new operating systems and software applications: more than 75%
    • Reduced the time spent performing ongoing software driver and firmware updates: 51-75%
    • Reduced the cost per VM compared to public cloud: 51-75%
    • Reduced the time spent standing up infrastructure by their DevOps teams: 51-75%

HPE Nimble Storage Alle Flash Arrays Lösungen Kundenzufriedenheitsbewertung

Brock Griffin, IT Director bei Parametric Portfolio Associates, würde Lösungen mit HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays wahrscheinlich aus diesem Grund empfehlen:

Die HPE Nimble All Flash-Arrays sind grundsolide und lassen sich ganz einfach einrichten und verwalten. Darüber hinaus, und das ist wahrscheinlich noch wichtiger, ist HPE Nimble InfoSight von unschätzbarem Wert für unseren IT-Betrieb.

Infraestructura hiperconvergente HPE SimpliVity Investigación del cliente

Cargas de trabajo de producción que se ejecutan en infraestructura hiperconvergente HPE SimpliVity

¿Qué tipos de aplicaciones ejecuta o planea ejecutar en HPE SimpliVity?

Microsoft SQL Server
Aplicaciones para sectores específicos (por ejemplo, sistema 911, aplicaciones del sector de salud, administración de casos legales, CAD/CAM, etc.)
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SharePoint
Comercio electrónico

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