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Selected Research Highlights

OpenText Fax2Mail Customer Statistic

OpenText Fax2Mail users achieve a great return on investment

96% of surveyed IT organizations rated Fax2Mail’s value returned for the price as best in class, significantly better or better, compared to other vendors/competitors they have evaluated or used.

OpenText Fax2Mail Customer Statistic

96% of surveyed IT organizations rated Fax2Mail’s workflow and automation capabilities as best in class, significantly better or better, compared to other vendors/competitors they have evaluated or used.


OpenText Fax2Mail Case Study

Tactical Digital Corporation reduces cost and simplifies fax with OpenText Fax2Mail


This case study of Tactical Digital Corporation is based on a September 2019 survey of OpenText Fax2Mail customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

OpenText Fax2Mail is much more user-friendly than other platforms that I’ve used.

I would absolutely recommend Fax2Mail. It’s super-easy to use, and the cost is so much less than traditional faxing methods.


The business challenges that led the profiled company to evaluate and ultimately select OpenText Fax2Mail:

  • Said the top purchasing drivers were:
    • Simplify environment by eliminating hardware, software and telephony for faxing
    • Trust in the Fax2Mail brand
  • Chose OpenText Fax2Mail over other vendors for the following reasons:
    • Reliability, high availability and disaster recovery
    • Easy to use portal

Use Case

The key features and functionalities of OpenText Fax2Mail that the surveyed company uses:

  • With Fax2Mail, were able to:
    • Eliminate standalone fax machines
  • Said the greatest impact on their business with Fax2Mail was the following:
    • Reduced total cost of faxing
    • Simplified faxing across the organization
  • Agree with the following statement(s):
    • “Fax2Mail is superior to other digital cloud fax solutions in the marketplace”
    • “Fax2Mail is a brand I know and trust”
    • “OpenText is responsive to my support needs”
    • “Fax2Mail has helped lower my organization’s costs”
    • “Fax2Mail is the market leader”
    • “Fax2Mail has innovative features and functionality”
    • “OpenText is a strategic partner for our growing business needs”


The surveyed company achieved the following results with OpenText Fax2Mail:

  • Said it liked the following about Fax2Mail best:
    • Easy to use and maintain
    • Has reliable service
    • Excellent customer support
    • Good return on investment for the price
  • Fax2Mail features compared to the competition:
    • Breadth of capabilities & integrations: significantly better
    • Ease of use for increased adoption: best in class
    • Workflow and automation capabilities: significantly better
    • Value returned for the price: best in class
    • Overall service performance: best in class

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About OpenText Fax2Mail

Fax remains a powerful communication method for organizations to securely exchange vital business documents. But, maintaining a traditional environment of standalone fax machines or servers puts the burden on IT to manage and maintain an entire faxing infrastructure. OpenText™ Fax2Mail™ is a cloud service that simplifies digital faxing for the enterprise with state-of-the-art security and unmatched reliability.

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