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About This Research Data

The research data presented here was collected directly from Quest customers by TechValidate.

The selection of facts presented here and any supplemental links were chosen by Quest. You can explore all of TechValidate's independent research on Quest Microsoft Platform Management here →

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About TechValidate

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Why Quest On Demand Migration for O365 Tenant Migration

A selection of TechValidate research findings from surveys of Quest Microsoft Platform Management customers and users.

ODM Customer Recommendations ODM Most beneficial features Tenant Migration Peer Advice ODM Case Studies

C Spire Wireless securely migrates tenants with  Quest On Demand Migration after trying BitTitan and Native Tools of Germany evaluated Cloudiway and Native Tools but successfully uses Quest On Demand Migration
SMB Computer Services Company finds On Demand Migration to be a "great value for a quality product"
Medium Enterprise Consumer Products Company completed tenant migration 2x faster using ODM after evaluating Native Tools & BitTitan
Matrix Metals chooses On Demand Migration over BitTitan and rates it a 10 out of 10
Small Business Construction Company chooses On Demand Migration over BitTitan to clean up tenants after previous acquisitions
Vision Christian Media migrated more than 2x faster using Quest On Demand Migration