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About This Research Data

The research data presented here was collected directly from VMware customers by TechValidate.

The selection of facts presented here and any supplemental links were chosen by VMware.

About TechVaidate

About TechValidate

TechValidate collects, verifies and publishes exclusive research data on technology products and services that is sourced directly from 9,655,292 verified users of those products.

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vSphere 5 - The Best Platform for Cloud Infrastructures

A selection of TechValidate research findings from surveys of vSphere customers and users.

vSphere 5 Charts & Statistics vSphere 5 Testimonials


vSphere 5 Charts & Statistics

VMware vSphere 5 is the industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures. See what our users say.

5 Items
The Best Platform for Cloud Infrastructures
vSphere 5 Storage and Network Feature Use
Deliver the right availability services with simplicity
Deliver better application performance & availability with less complexity at a lower cost
Run business critical applications with confidence

vSphere 5 Testimonials

VMware vSphere 5 Testimonials from our Customers & Partners

9 Items
The VMware Journey to 100% Virtualization
vSphere 5 is the Market Leader
Reduced Cost & Deployment Time
Supporting larger workloads & greater storage efficiency
Lower costs and enhance availability
Building Effective & Efficient Cloud Infrastructure
Being Agile and Proactive
Fast Return On Investment
The Power of Virtualization