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About This Research Data

The research data presented here was collected directly from Micro Focus customers by TechValidate.

The selection of facts presented here and any supplemental links were chosen by Micro Focus. You can explore all of TechValidate's independent research on Micro Focus ADM Business Unit here →

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About TechValidate

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MicroFocus LoadRunner Software

A selection of TechValidate research findings from surveys of Micro Focus ADM Business Unit customers and users.

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What users are saying about HP LoadRunner Software

14 Items
Greater than 10x improvement in productivity with LoadRunner
Testing the "un-testable" with LoadRunner
LoadRunner helps detects issues pre-production
Quality Assurance with LoadRunner
LoadRunner enables systematic documentation of application timings
LoadRunner enables improvement on all fronts
LoadRunner helps us find issues pre-production
HPE LoadRunner & Performance Center help reduce cost
Improvement in application performance
LoadRunner enables significant improvement in application performance
Performance Center tools enable alignment with testing COE objectives and goals
Helps us Do Root Cause Analysis
SIgnificant reduction in time to execute
Find issues that otherwise go undetected

Technology Facts

Why users chose HP LoadRunner

12 Items
Loadrunner enables significant time savings
LoadRunner enables meaningful exchange of dialogue with developers
LoadRunner finds bottlenecks faster
HPE LoadRunner supports testing for all your applications
HPE TruClient makes scripting much easier
HPE TruClient for web 2.0 applications
50% time savings over previous scripting methods
75% time savings over previous scripting methods
Top Benefits of HPE LoadRunner TruClient
Top Motivations For Choosing HPE LoadRunner
Pre-Defined Performance Requirements Used In Tests
Applications Tested With HPE LoadRunner

Case Studies

Here are few mini-case studies that depict the real life use cases of LoadRunner and the benefits achieved

5 Items

Case Study: Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

Case Study: Large Enterprise Insurance Company

Case Study: Fortune 500 Pharmaceuticals Company

Case Study: Fortune 500 Pharmaceuticals Company

Case Study: Small Business Computer Software Company