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It's no secret, people value the opinions and testimonials of their peers. Your customers are your best sales people since they can attest to how your product or service solves their problems in the real world.

However, collecting customer evidence is a laborious and costly process. Marketers face several common challenges:

Customers are reluctant or unable to go on the record.

Customers, particularly large corporations and governments, may be unwilling to speak due to policy, security concerns, or disclosing competitive advantages. Often, legal and PR teams squash customer referencing activities because they view them as a risk or distraction.

Marketers are dependent on sales for references.

Sales teams are focused on meeting quarterly goals and lose sight of the longer term benefit of developing impactful customer evidence. Many marketers have difficulty getting reference prospects and contact information from distracted sales teams.

Custom research projects are not cost-effective.

Custom third party research reports sourced from customer interviews and primary research are credible alternatives to getting your customers to speak on the record. However, primary research conducted by a leading analyst firm can easily cost in excess of $50,000. Moreover, they take months to produce and oftentimes focus only on a small sample of your customers.

Due to these challenges, marketers turn to a few customer advocates that they can leverage repeatedly in their marketing. As a result, 90% of the customer base goes underutilized in proving your product's value in the market.

How TechValidate Helps

TechValidate is a customer content creation machine that builds you an arsenal of valuable customer evidence – all sourced directly from your customers and validated by a trusted 3rd party.

After collecting key operational and financial data from your customers using short web-based surveys, TechValidate transforms your customer responses into finished customer content assets that allow you to prove your value through real-world customer validation.

TechValidate captures more customer voices faster than traditional approaches. In fact, TechValidate routinely increases customer participation rates by 3X or more with our clients and compresses a process that might take months into weeks. As a result, clients can realize the full potential of their greatest marketing asset – their customer base.

TechValidate lets you generate as much content as you need, so take advantage of that. In just the first 9 months of working with the platform, we generated and published over 100 customer profiles, over 80 research findings and over 20 live research charts.

Mark Dempsey

Mark Dempsey

Dir. of Product and Solutions Marketing

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Bottom Line: TechValidate software automates the collection and creation of customer evidence content for businesses, saving time and money. But don't take our word for it, see what our customers say about us.

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