How TechValidate Improves Participation Rates

The Silent Satisfied Majority

Silent satisfied majority chart

B2B vendors can typically only harness 5-10% of their customer base for customer referencing activities. And yet, a much larger percentage of their customers are satisfied with their product/service. We call this untapped resource the "Silent Satisfied Majority".

Why does the Silent Satisfied Majority exist? There are several reasons:

  • Corporate policies often prohibit participation.
  • Customers are afraid to go on the record.
  • People are too busy to participate in customer referencing programs.
  • It's difficult to identify customer advocates.

How TechValidate addresses the Silent Satisfied Majority

Our Anonymity Guarantee

name tag

To ensure maximum participation, TechValidate optionally protects the identities of research participants. This allows them to contribute their feedback freely, without fear of legal or business repercussions.

When participants opt to have their public identity protected, the data they contribute is attributed by their role and industry (e.g. CIO, Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm).

For those customers who don't need anonymity to participate, TechVaidate will publicly attribute their name, title and company.

We make it fast & easy to participate

TechValidate collects data from your customers via fast and easy-to-use online questionnaires. The participation process is quick and fun, which encourages high participation. In fact, TechValidate routinely increases customer participation rates by 3X or more.

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