How TechValidate Enables Effective Marketing Automation

Marketing automation companies

Marketing automation software from companies such as Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot and Pardot allows marketers to more readily comb through the massive number of raw inquiries and pass only the most highly qualified leads to their sales teams. This software allows marketers to:

  • Segment leads and rapidly deploy campaigns and offers to them
  • Nurture and educate leads by automatically dripping content to them over time
  • Score leads by demographics, BANT, and behavioral criteria to identify sales-ready leads

The Challenge: Marketing automation requires fresh, impactful, personalized content.

Despite the efficiency gains of marketing automation, marketers still must develop a rich arsenal of impactful content that can be dripped to prospects with these tools. Content creation can be an extremely laborious and costly endeavor. Marketing professionals face three challenges when developing content for use with marketing automation systems:

  • Impactful Proof — Prospects demand that they see customer proof before purchasing
  • Fresh Content — Content gets stale quickly and can't be repeatedly dripped to prospects
  • Personalized Content — Content must be tailored to the buying stage and the demographic profile (industry, usage model, etc) of the prospect.

TechValidate Powers Marketing Automation Campaigns

TechValidate creates content that feeds marketing automation campaigns.

How TechValidate Complements Marketing Automation

TechValidate provides a fresh, renewable stream of customer evidence for use in lead nurturing and lead generation activities. With TechValidate, it is easy to showcase your customer success early in the sales cycle to help overcome prospect objections:

Renewable Source of Fresh Content for Campaigns

With TechValidate, you can quickly amass a wide range of case studies, statistics, and deployment facts. TechValidate allows marketers in minutes to create microsites or case studies that can be used as offers in marketing campaigns.

Prove Your Value

TechValidate helps marketers overcome prospect objections by showing real-world examples tailored to their industry and usage model. We make it easy to collect and use customer evidence in all aspects of the sales and marketing funnel, not just at the end.

Instantly Create Micro-targeted Campaign Offers

TechValidate allows marketers to personalize their campaign offers or create fully customized microsites by industry segment, size of company, usage model, or other criteria.

TechValidate is a critical part of our marketing automation and demand generation strategy. We use TechValidate portal pages to quickly create customized content offers for different segments of our customer base. Its a huge win for solving our content creation requirements.

Pooja Desai

Pooja Desai-Singh

Marketing Manager

New: TechValidate Connectors Integrate Directly With Marketing Automation Platforms

Our Connectors allow you to access your TechValidate content directly within leading marketing autmomation tools such as Oracle Eloqua.

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