Software Editions

TechValidate Software Editions

Whether you're a global enterprise or a fast-growing startup, TechValidate scales with you.

Customer Content

Automatically transform the voice of your customers into compelling content.

Key Features
  • Unlimited Voice-of-the-customer Content
  • 3rd-party verified research data
  • Targeted Microsites and Slideshows
  • Content Integrations with Salesforce
  • Salesforce Data Sync publishes response data to your CRM
  • Support for 7 Languages
  • Dedicated Customer Advocate

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Market Research

On-demand market research from millions of qualified business and IT professionals worldwide.

Key Features
  • Hyper-targeted research against our audience of qualified business and technology professionals
  • 3rd-party verified research data
  • Unlimited Content Publishing
  • You control what is published
  • Publish content in less than 30 days
  • Project Consultation and support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything to install?

No. All editions of TechValidate are delivered as web-based Software as a Service – there's nothing to install or deploy.

How do you engage with prospective clients?

We use a simple 3-step process to determine if TechValidate is a good fit for your company. Learn more »

What's your subscription model?

TechValidate is a Software-as-a-Service platform that is licensed on an annual subscription basis.

Ready to see more?

Schedule a conversation and live demo to see if TechValidate can help your organization.

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