Customer Case Study: Hitachi Data Systems


Hitachi is a world-leading provider of enterprise data center technologies. The company possesses dozens of technology products and services ranging from cloud computing and security to high-end data storage systems, used by tens of thousands of customers.

The Challenge

Given the breadth of their global customer base and product complexity, Hitachi wanted a more cost-effective and efficient way to share their customers' best experiences and showcase their product differentiation to targeted audiences. Product teams at Hitachi wanted to create a steady stream of customer feedback to inform their outbound marketing content, but they did not want to waste time building one-off projects to collect data every time they need it.

Why Hitachi Chose TechValidate

Hitachi turned to TechValidate as a technology partner to create an ongoing flow of fresh customer-based content across all of their key data center product lines. Product team leaders identified TechValidate as a platform that would allow them to easily conduct customized outreach to their customers, then rapidly transform that feedback into a range of usable marketing content for use in:

  • Sales presentations
  • Demand generation programs
  • Web pages
  • Press releases
  • Public events
  • Launch activities

The TechValidate Impact

  • More content to support sales and marketing
  • Targeted content assets that align with markets, verticals and usage cases
  • Less costs required for generating 3rd party evidence
  • Radically faster content generation speeds

Hitachi's recommendations to potential TechValidate customers:

TechValidate lets you generate as much content as you need, so take advantage of that. In just the first 9 months of working with the platform, we generated and published over 100 customer profiles, over 80 research findings and over 20 live research charts.

Make TechValidate part of your regular outreach to customers. It's a turnkey means of capturing and then leveraging customer experiences throughout the year. It has the added benefit of bringing a much more human face to your customer community.

Mark Dempsey

Mark Dempsey

Director of Product and Solutions Marketing, Hitachi Ltd.

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