Customer Case Study: Drobo


Drobo is the high-growth manufacturer of the extremely popular digital data storage device of the same name that has rocketed into a global market leading position, selling over 100,000 units since 2008.

Drobo fuels its rapid expansion with a wide range of online incentives and customer communications via social media tools. The company views perpetual online customer contact as core to its brand identity.

The Challenge

As Drobo expanded new product models deeper into the business-to-business space, the demand for professional customer references increased. The company sought a social-media friendly means by which they could rapidly gather customer evidence and feed it into the sophisticated demand generation and customer communications toolsets they had already designed. Traditional approaches to gathering customer data and then generating long-format research reports were not amenable to Drobo's speed of business, or the customer purchasing process.

Why Drobo Chose TechValidate

Drobo determined that TechValidate could very easily generate significant amounts of customer evidence ideally suited for their inbound online marketing strategy. Because all TechValidate content is web-resident and designed for easy online sharing, it was a logical choice for removing months from the content creation process. With their TechValidate deployment, the marketing team at Drobo can quickly:

  • Create targeted research charts
  • Generate industry and usage-based statistics
  • Distributed targeted online case studies to prospects
  • Share new customer evidence instantly via Twitter, blogs and partner websites.

The TechValidate Impact

  • Reduce costs and time to create customer evidence
  • Solve content generation issues for inbound social media marketing
  • Cost-effectively support channel sales efforts with fresh evidence

Recommendations for potential TechValidate customers:

Integrate your TechValidate content directly into your online marketing outreach and social media strategy. The short format content TechValidate generates is ready to link out and share.

Use the tool to create as much content as you can because the TechValidate software just organizes all of it within the application itself. Having more customer content available will greatly broaden your ability to create very targeted customer messages as required in the future.

Jim Sherhart

Jim Sherhart

Senior Director of Marketing, Drobo