Turn Customer Feedback Into Revenue

Customer Feedback

The problem: Leveraging customer feedback to increase sales.

Many B2B companies conduct periodic customer satisfaction and feedback surveys, seeking to learn from their customers and improve their offerings. These processes yield invaluable insights for marketing and product management.

However, customer surveys, if not properly designed, represent a lost marketing opportunity.

Customer satisfaction and sentiment data represent some of the most impactful information you can share with prospects, yet that data often remains locked in corporate silos. The data collected in customer surveys can provide incontrovertible proof to de-risk a purchase decision and reassure a prospect, yet it is rarely utilized to the extent it could be.

Most customer feedback surveys suffer from three common issues:

  1. Survey Questions Designed Exclusively for Internal Analysis

    The primary objective of most customer surveys is to benchmark customer satisfaction and loyalty. These goals result in survey questions that yield sub-optimal data for marketing promotion. As a result, marketing around the feedback collected is an afterthought and limits the power of the customer's voice.

  2. Feedback Is Not Accessible Across the Organization

    After a survey, the sponsoring department may provide summaries of the data to C-level executives. Oftentimes, marketing has no knowledge of the existence of the data, let alone access to it. The net result: valuable customer data is trapped in spreadsheets and is never used in outbound marketing communications.

  3. No Credible 3rd-Party Validation

    Even if you collect strong testimonials and customer satisfaction metrics, it's often a struggle to use that data publicly. Many customers were either not willing to go on the record, or provided their feedback in confidence. For marketing purposes, the impact and trust of the information you've collected is lost if it cannot be attributed to the individual or verified by a trusted 3rd-party.

Taken together, these common issues with customer feedback surveys translate into lost opportunities to generate highly-credible customer-sourced content, and therefore into lost revenue.

How TechValidate Helps

Collect Feedback and Create Powerful Content Automatically

By using TechValidate, you can kill two birds with one stone – collect valuable customer feedback and create impactful marketing content from the voice of your customers.

TechValidate's software automates the collection of customer feedback via short web-based surveys, while allowing you to turn it into marketing proof points at a click of a button. You can amass an arsenal of 100s of customer proof points (testimonials, statistics, charts, and case studies) in less than 30 days with the tool.

Verified Feedback Allows for Public Use

Our clients cite and use TechValidate content much like they would research from Gartner or IDC. TechValidate acts as a 3rd party verifier of what customers say about a product or service in the same way as a financial auditor might attest to a company's financial results. As a result, prospects view TechValidate proof points as more credible than uncorroborated claims made by a vendor.

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