Learn what customers are saying about HP Project and Portfolio Management Software

PPM provides enhanced visibility in programs and projects

HPE Project and Portfolio Management is important to our leadership because it provides flexible views into:

  • projects and programs with financial roll-ups
  • resource supply vs. demand planning by resource pool, role, source
  • financial management showing actual costs based on timesheet reporting with CAPEX vs OPEX split.

IT Manager, Fortune 500 Transportation Services Company

HPEP PPM Improves Visibility

Deploying PPM has greatly improved our resource management and portfolio visibility.

Executive, Large Enterprise Insurance Company

HPE PPM – Enables Process Improvement

We are delivering a better process for portfolio management, providing visibility for decision making, while realizing efficiencies in project delivery disciplines.

Project Manager, Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company

HPE PPM – Consistent Delivery

Deploying HPE’s Project and Portfolio Management has helped us drive process and project management consistency across hundreds of business units and allows us to manage demand and resource capacity across the enterprise.

IT Director, Global 500 Professional Services Company

PPM Standardizes Delivery

PPM has helped us improve visibility and standardization.

Intense usage of DM (Demand Management) module helps us document all project-related processes which also helps us meet all internal documentation requirements and compliance to legal requirements.

Project Manager, Large Enterprise Retail Company

HPE PPM: The sIngle source of information for all out projects

HPE’s PPM has enabled us to manage our projects and portfolios more efficiently and as such improved implementation and delivery of projects and IT assignments.

It has also reduced a lot of painstaking and time-consuming reporting as it provides a single informative source of all the projects and activities which can be viewed from the various angles. We cannot think of doing our job without PPM these days.

IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Banking Company

HPE PPM optimizes work, improves internal efficiency and reduces costs

HPE PPM enables transparent control of activities and resource allocation optimizing work and reducing costs. Clear information about the requests and pipeline makes working on specific objectives and meeting deadlines possible so everything is delivered on time and there is improved internal efficiency.

IT Manager, Large Enterprise Banking Company

HPE PPM – Single source of data for projects

HPE PPM has facilitated the single source collection and tracking of integrated project, resource and financial data.

IT Vice President, Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

HPE PPM: Visibility into current work and future demand in the pipeline

Using HPE PPM has allowed us to maintain visibility into work that is being performed as well as understand what demand is in the pipeline.

IT Professional, Global 500 Professional Services Company

HPE PPM enables effective collaboration for optimum efficiency

Leveraging HPE’s PPM software has given us the ability to collaborate effectively and efficiently and to deliver critical IT services on-time and cost-effectively.

IT Manager, Global 500 Telecommunications Equipment Company

HPE PPM enables planning and management of workforce

Deploying HPE PPM has assisted us in managing and planning our required workforce.

Financial Analyst, Global 500 Banking Company

HPE PPM enables standard governance process

Utilizing PPM has provided our stakeholders and senior management with a view of all projects and services across the office. This has enabled a standard governance process for the delivery of projects. New demand is then scheduled accordingly based on current demand in the portfolio.

IT Manager, Educational Institution

HPE PPM enables informed and timely decision making

PPM allows us to see all of the work being undertaken in the organization – it provides key base information to validate investment in base resources. Consistent consolidated reporting allows for informed and timely decision making.

Senior IT Manager, Large Enterprise Retail Company

HPE PPM enables down-to-the-hour control of resources

Using HPE PPM allows us to have down to the hour control of where our resources spend their time and to what cost.

Application Manager, Small Business Retail Company

HPE PPM enables standard governance for planning and execution

HPE PPM has helped us to define standard activities in bundles, to help operational people planning and executing changes.

IT Manager, Large Enterprise Energy & Utilities Company

HPE PPM enables greater than 50% ROI

A large enterprise financial services company reported more than 50% return on investment with the implementation of PPM.

HPE PPM enabled significant improvement in the way projects were run and managed

Centralizing all our project related data into one place and providing real time transparency has significantly improved the way we run and manage projects.

Executive, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

HPE PPM enables transparency across firms for all projects

Deploying HPE’s PPM software has provided greater transparency across the firm for all projects regardless of which IT group is leading or doing the work.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

HPE PPM enables greater understanding of our projects

Deploying HPE’s PPM software has helped us understand our portfolio of projects and how they are prioritized.

Project Manager, Fortune 500 Construction Company

HPE PPM provides greater transparency into projects and financial data

Transparency into the portfolio has led to better dialogue from a business perspective of what we spend our money on – it also allows us to see a multi-year view.

Senior Executive, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

HPE PPM enables management of large and distributed projects and engagements

Leading PPM capabilities are core to the virtual toolset necessary to manage large, distributed engagements.

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

HPE PPM automates the end-to-end management of projects

Deploying PPM has helped us to:

  • Monitor and control program and project health real-time.
  • Automated end-to-end processes in the system for effectiveness.
  • Track project schedule, cost, scope, risks, and quality of delivery projects.

IT Manager, State & Local Government

HPE PPM used extensively

We use HPE PPM to manage our Projects and Resources. We extensively use Resource, Demand, Time Management modules of PPM.

Executive, Large Enterprise Computer Services Company

HPE PPM enables improved visibility through improved demand management

71% of organizations improved demand management through improved visibility into the numbers and types of demands coming in with their HPE Project and Portfolio Management solution.

HPE PPM enables improved management visibility

HPE’s PPM has improved management’s visibility on the project’s status. This helped with our resource and financial planning.

Chief Technology Officer, Large Enterprise Banking Company

HPE PPM helped us scale our processes

Deploying HPE PPM Software has enabled our company to scale our processes related to tracking project details especially financials.

IT Vice President, Global 500 Banking Company

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