Outstanding Services & Support

Loftware Spectrum Customer Satisfaction Rating

Spectrum Offers Ease of Use

A customer at a large enterprise automotive & transport company would be very likely to recommend Loftware Spectrum for this reason:

Spectrum is easy to use and manage and the Loftware team is great to work with.

Loftware Customer Testimonial

Highly Responsive Support

Sponge-Jet, Inc. has been a Loftware user for several years. The stability of the general product, the improvements and live support are well matched and highly responsive.

William McLaughlin, Vice President, Sponge-Jet, Inc.

Loftware Customer Testimonial

Loftware provides great technical support.

IT Analyst, Medium Enterprise Beverage Company

Loftware Customer Testimonial

We’ve experienced good support when using non-standard printers, good support during software upgrade and solid performance through continuous usage.

IT Architect, S&P 500 Electronics Company

Loftware Customer Fact

Get the Right Answers at the Right Time

“The only way to get the right answers at the right time is to partner directly with the solution manufacturer. As the direct manufacturer, Loftware is able to offer best practices, provide ongoing training, and comprehensive services and support.”

Loftware Customer Fact

From PepsiCo…

Simon Liu, an IT Analyst at PepsiCo, has agreed with this statement:

“Loftware is a reliable partner, providing leading edge labeling solutions along with outstanding services and support.”

Loftware Customer Testimonial

From Johnson & Johnson…

Loftware support is always there to help.

Robert Bryant, IT Specialist, Johnson & Johnson

Loftware Customer Testimonial

From Siemens AG…

With Loftware, we have a standardized label solution in place for our production line. Though we have a support contract in place with Loftware, we rarely ever have to use it.

Raj Kunchala, IT Architect, Siemens

Loftware Customer Satisfaction Rating

Customer Support to Technical Support

Robert Bryant, an IT Specialist at Johnson & Johnson:

Loftware is a fantastic product. They back up their product from the first contact at customer support to technical support.

Loftware Customer Testimonial

A Reliable Partner

Loftware has been a reliable and easy to use solution for our label printing needs.

Ryan O'Neal, IT Director, Continental Materials Corporation

Loftware Customer Testimonial

Givaudan – Printing 20M Labels Per Year with Loftware

Givaudan prints more than 20 million labels per year across more than 35 manufacturing and distribution sites. This result was achieved with the initial implementation support from Loftware and subsequently with world-class support and professional services. I cannot imagine having achieved this result and to be able to continue to support the continued growth that Givaudan has experienced without Loftware as our Enterprise Labeling partner.

Robert Sacks, IT Architect, Givaudan

Loftware Customer Testimonial

Alliance Sports Group

I love that Loftware reaches out to us regularly about how to improve our operations. The accuracy of our labeling is key.

Darren Anderson, IT Director, Alliance Sports Group