HPE Server Automation User Testimonials

Collection of user feedback and quotes on Server Automation

We’ve been able to maintain consistency in our platform with HPESA.

IT Architect, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

HPE SA is critical to our overall compliance goals for Windows and for our overall cross-platform automation goals.

IT Architect, Large Enterprise Aerospace & Defense Company

HPESA has allowed us to deliver consistent server builds and provides great manageability of software deployments.

System Administrator, Global 500 Retail Company

We keep servers consistent using audit reporting. Server access is managed centrally using HPE Server Automation (previously known as Opsware) saving time when trying to provide users access to the resources they need.

System Administrator, Large Enterprise Media & Entertainment Company

HPE Server Automation Solution Customer Testimonial

Through HPE server automation, we were able to implement OS provisioning procedures that reduced time to deliver virtual servers from over 2 weeks down to less than an hour. Additionally, audit functionality has provided invaluable data in regards to anything from change compliance to determining why like servers aren’t behaving the same way.

System Administrator, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

HPE Server Automation provides a hyterogeneous hardware management layer to cloud solution delivery regardless of the converged or classic infastructure

IT Architect, Large Enterprise Computer Services Company

HPE Server Automation is the key component for automated server rollout and compliance.

Consultant, Small Business Professional Services Company

I have many HPESA client stories to share…

Here is a quote from one of them:
‘I don’t know if I should tell my boss that I already provisioned and deployed the 50 new servers that arrived yesterday. It normally takes me 3 weeks, now with HPE Server Automation it took me about 4 hours…’

Peter Frischknecht, IT Architect, ResultsPositive

We are saving operational costs and setting up unique standard way of deployment within different teams.

Engineer, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

We are running compliance and security checks on 100% of level 1 servers since deploying HPE Server Automation. We have been able to deploy internal tools quickly and reliably on all managed servers with HPE Server Automation.

IT Specialist, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

HPE SA is a good automation tool. It helped us to reduce manual effort in building servers from scratch and saved time in patch management.

IT Specialist, Large Enterprise Computer Services Company

HPE Server Automation is a key tool in our company for deployments and also for OS provisioning. We have also been using a very powerful internal tool to manage servers.These functionalities have reduced time, cost and improved our productivity.

IT Systems Analyst, Global 500 Retail Company

We can now offer a standardized toolkit to server operators and application administrators, reducing errors and improving response times.

Server Administrator, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

HPE Server Automation is a key component of our automated OS provisioning.
Manually provisioning a server used to take up to 2 days, with SA it takes less than 4 hours and no manual tasks are necessary after the provisioning task has been started.

Harald Sturm, Application Manager, Siemens AG

HPE Server Automation Solution Customer Testimonial

Manually performing checks on our 15 security compliance policies used to take up to 10 minutes for each of the 330 servers – about 55 hours to complete everything. Today with HPE Server Automation it takes just 20 minutes.

System Administrator, Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

The HPE Server Automation helped us to reduce implementation times by 90%.

IT Specialist, Small Business Banking Company

We are saving a good amount of $ in millions with HPE Server Automation.

IT Professional, Global 500 Banking Company

We are mainly using HPE Server Automation for patch deployment, OS installation and scripting – all I can say is that it is fast and reliable.

System Administrator, Global 500 Computer Services Company

HPE Server Automation Solution improves our operational efficiency

We achieved a significant reduction in deployment time when running mass deployments to many servers.
Solaris OS patching can be conducted with only 25% manpower.

IT Professional, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

We are a HPE Gold Partner and I am implementing HPE SA server for customers with around 500 servers. It is currently performing security and compliance checks for all managed servers with defined policies to standardise it. HPE Server Automation is a very good product for maintaining and standardising it’s checks. HPE Server Automation tremendously reduced the time to build, configure and deploy a working server. And it is able to handle multiple server deployments with required settings. Simply a great product.

Consultant, Small Business Computer Software Company

HPE has made server access easy and improved our turn-around time when patching and upgrading our enterprise environment.

Alex Monereau, Engineer, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

HPE Server Automation Solution decreases deployment time significantly

HPE Server Automation has allowed us to decrease our deployment to production time by 50%. This has allowed us to keep up with the demands of the business as it continues to grow.

IT Professional, S&P 500 Financial Services Company

It used to take lot of time to build a server, now it is much faster with HPESA OS Provisioning.

Pardhiv Karri, Engineer, Avnet

By using HPE Server Automation, we have eliminated the need for manual intervention for 75% of our 3 Tier, horizontally scaled environment deployment.

Server Administrator, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

We are currently running over 6,000 jobs per month, saving a great deal of time with HPE SA.

Senior IT Architect, Large Enterprise Banking Company

With HPE Server Automation Software, we have a single view across all our customer’s servers.

IT Manager, Large Enterprise Computer Hardware Company

HPE SA makes it easy for many teams to pick and start managing a large environment. Being able to automate repeated tasks greatly reduced manual errors and allowed us to push more out at one time.

Patrick Kernan, IT Vice President, Riverturn, Inc.

Soy técnico y no manejo datos en € pero – mediante el uso HPE Server Automation,:
- Se pueden realizar Audits que antes era impensado realizar mediante horas de técnicos (como revisar rutas de servidores periodicamente, o si hay doble camino activado en discos SAN, etc)
- Podemos realizar scripts en la Global Shell para tareas complejas entre servidores
- Facilidad para entrar en las maquinas evitando la utilización de diversos jumpservers

IT Professional, Large Enterprise Telecommunications Services Company

Server admins do OS provisioning 70% faster after leveraging HPE Server Automation Software.

IT Manager, Medium Enterprise Professional Services Company

HPE Server Automation is a key component to keep the patch process up to date and deploy an audit on servers more efficiently. From a support view we are more responsive internally to all groups involved in the administration and maintenance using the system than with any manual process.

Aurora Masse, IT Systems Analyst, The Toronto-Dominion Bank

My survey is on behalf of the customer whom I helped upgrade their SA and NA environments. Their main objective was that they were going to the virtualization schema, and their goal was: OS provisioning, virtualization management, time task reduction, standardization configs. HPE Server Automation was leveraged for standardization efforts during this phase.

IT Architect, Small Business Professional Services Company

[HPE Server Automation simplifies] patch and package management, as well as bulk scripting.

Ali Osman, System Administrator, Ttnet A S

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