Achieving ROI

Loftware Spectrum Customer Fact

Loftware Spectrum Improves Accuracy and Delivers Quick Payback

Hypertherm reduced occurrences of mislabeling by 75% or more and realized a return on investments in less than six months after implementing Loftware Spectrum.

Loftware Spectrum Customer Fact

Save Time, Reduce Costs, and Ensure Compliance with Spectrum

Carlos Casanova, a Consultant at International Business Machines Corporation, has agreed with this statement:

“Loftware Spectrum automates approvals and workflow processes, creating a streamlined environment for validation and enabling us to save time and reduce costs while helping to ensure compliance.”

Loftware Spectrum Customer Fact

Reduce Labeling Costs with Loftware Spectrum

A Global 500 chemicals company was able to reduce labeling costs standardizing on Loftware Spectrum.

Loftware Spectrum Customer Fact

Swift Return on Investment

International Business Machines Corporation saw a return on their investment in Loftware Spectrum in less than six months.

Loftware Spectrum Customer Fact

Over $1 Million in Annual Savings

Implementing Loftware Spectrum helped Johnson & Johnson to secure over $1 million in annual savings, reduce occurrences of mislabeling by more than 75%, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Loftware Customer Fact

Reduce Risk of Fines and Penalties with Loftware

Trek Bicycle Corporation using Loftware solutions has saved over $1M annually in compliance related fines and penalties.

Loftware Customer Fact

Realizes significant ROI from Loftware

Accenture recognized savings from correcting labeling delays and downtime, costly maintenance, customer dissatisfaction, and regulatory non-compliance with Loftware.

Loftware Customer Fact


“We have seen a substantial return on investment with our Loftware labeling solution.”

Loftware Customer Testimonial

Loftware Pays for Itself

We have been using Loftware for over 15 years and it has more than paid for itself annually.

Stephen Trull, IT Business Analyst, Stemco

Loftware Customer Testimonial

Big ROI with Loftware

We have seen a substantial return on our investment with Loftware Labeling solution. We have been using Loftware and have been a Platinum customer since April 2003.

Michelle McClellan, Shipping / Receiving Administrator, Gurecky Mfg. Services

Loftware Customer Testimonial

Saving Time and Money with Loftware

With Loftware, we save time and money. We’ve reduced label waste, we were able to easily train our staff on the solution and we hardly ever have to contact loftware support for assistance.

Chris Scherman, IT Project Manager, Nemera

Loftware Customer Fact

$5 Million In Savings on Re-Labeling

Baxter International uses Loftware labeling solutions to save over $5M annually in re-labeling costs.

Loftware Customer Fact

Time is Money

Jabil Circuit saves more than 160 hours per month on developing and maintaining on-demand labels by using Loftware.

Loftware Customer Fact

Saving Big on Mislabeling

Baxter International saves over $5M annually on mislabeling costs by using Loftware.

Loftware Customer Fact

Big Savings with Loftware

A medium enterprise food company using Loftware saved over $5M annually on developing and maintaining custom label printing applications.

Loftware Customer Statistic

Reducing the Costs of Mislabeling

100% of surveyed customers using Loftware have saved over $100k annually from time and added expense incurred from mislabeling.


Loftware Customer Fact

Saving on Labor and Maintenance

By integrating Loftware with existing business applications, PPG Industries has saved over $1M annually in labor and maintenance costs.

Loftware Customer Fact

Avoiding Compliance Related Fines

Baxter International has saved over $5M annually in compliance-related fines and penalties by using Loftware for labeling.

Loftware Customer Fact

Saved Over $5M on Delays and Downtime

We save over $5M annually from delays and downtime by using Loftware solutions.

Loftware Customer Fact

A medium enterprise food company using Loftware solutions saved over $5M annually.